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PI Newsletter #19

1. Yes, Trump is Winning

When Donald Trump went to Warsaw and spoke up in defense of Western civilization the Never Trump bubble vibrated with cacophonous vituperation. How dare he? But he did dare, and just this week Trump upped the ante and announced that his administration was “returning moral clarity to our view of the world” stopping cold the attacks on Judeo-Christian values, including those who condemn people for wishing one another “Merry Christmas.”

2. China’s 30-year deadline to rule the world

Our comment: There is no time left for diverting national attention to some big black lugs kneeling, standing, or brawling. They don’t count.

Here is what we, in the U.S and elsewhere should pay attention to, very close attention:
3.  Postcolonial parenting
[My daugher] lets out a big sigh. “I wish I wasn’t white.”

“All we’ve ever done is hurt people,” she continues. “I wish my skin was dark and that I had a culture.”

Our comment: That’s what decades of the march through the institutions by neo Marxists have done to the Western Christian peoples. It has robbed them of  the needed and deserved pride in all the great accomplishments of the Western Christian civilization, the greatest civilization ever created and instead instilled in the people the undeserved quilt and left them with a painful void. White Westerners have only been allowed to look with envy at the much less deserved pride of others in their cultures.

4.  Ibn Warraq, The Islam in Islamic Terrorism; the Importance of Beliefs, Ideas, and Ideology, New English Review Press, Nashville, TN, 2017

Book review by Nidra Poller

” The “beliefs, ideas, and ideology” of the subtitle of The Islam in Islamic Terrorism, are enshrined in the Koran, extended in the hadith and sunna, clarified and confirmed by certified Islamic scholars, and translated into action from generation to generation, from the time of Islam’s prophet to the present day. The stultifying uniformity of Islamic doctrine is exceeded only by the horrifying savagery of its practices. Erudite, intellectually scrupulous, and totally proficient in both Islamic and Western languages and culture, Ibn Warraq draws on a wealth of textual and historical evidence to sustain his thesis [quote] that the Islamic war currently waged against the West-and including “wayward” Muslims-is not a reaction to any geopolitical situation, not provoked by any outside causes, not misdirected by a minority of hijackers that could twist a peaceful religion into a relentless war machine.”

Read more: Family Security Matters http://www.familysecuritymatters.org/publications/detail/the-islam-in-islamic-terrorism-the-importance-of-beliefs-ideas-and-ideology#ixzz4vppBrWTS
Under Creative Commons License: Attribution

Our comment:
Problem is, even if 100 million of our people read this book, there is no need for a book. This, without the deep exploration and the fine point, is the very basic knowledge, the a,b,c, of our civilization. It has been borne out countless of times not by reading books but by witnessing our history — whether in Ireland, Italy or Poland (yes, in all three the Muslims were poaching for slaves, with maybe 1/2 million taken from Poland alone), on European land or in European seas, in countless battles large and small, with armies and navies, in every European or Middle Eastern or North African Christian country that the Muslims conquered.
5.  Poland’s Anti Mass Migration Government Enjoys Record Popularity
Poland’s traditionally conservative nationalist government is experiencing record support, despite widespread international media coverage of a number of protests that have been launched by foreign=funded groups.

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