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PI Newsletter #34

1.  The Future of Europe is Civil War by

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” ~ John F. Kennedy

For whatever reason, we believe that war is over in Europe, that it may never return. Seventy years of peace with forty years of paranoid cold war have resulted in a kleptocrat European Union and brainless, soulless political elites who know nothing of their own cultures; wishing only that all Europe becomes a federal state. Looking to a utopian future has always proven to be a recipe for disaster for mankind. 

The sad reality is that, in all likelihood, war will come again to our continent. It will be unlike the war that nearly killed national identity, in that no more will a nation-state invade her neighbors for territory and conquest. This war will be continent-wide, but internal- and I believe firstly ideological. As the demographics slide further and further towards the annihilation of White Europeans in many countries, the powers that be -the globalist, rootless and self-serving elites that lead most European countries- will ramp up the programming. State news channels will increase the propaganda, of how values are all that matter. We will see enforcement officers like in Hackney rolling out across the land. The taxpayer will pay for their own imprisonment, fearing to leave their houses, and unable to defend their homes in any case. 


2. If Europe Goes on Like This, It Will Become Eurabia

“Now I want to talk about the statistics. At the end of November 2017, the US Pew Research Center in Washington and New York published statistical forecasts for the year 2050, which were distributed by the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung on 30 November. According to the article, the “proportion of Muslims in the Federal Republic will increase from 6.1 percent in 2016 to 20 percent in 2050”As a Syrian and a Muslim, I have no objection if these people become Europeans and do not bring the conflicts and violence of the Middle East to Germany. The fact is that the Arab refugees are changing Germany, not the other way round. To begin by averting any objection to prejudice and panic, I emphasize emphatically that I am not arguing against the people who are fleeing, but against the possible consequences that negatively affect Europe.”


3.  The EU: peacemaker or disturber of the peace?


One of the strongest emotional claims made for the European Union (EU) is that it has helped bring peace to Europe following the devastating wars of the last century, and this seems to be a major reason why so many people across Europe continue to regard it as morally unimpeachable. As part of this peace project, so the story goes, the EU has succeeded in reunifying the continent, integrating the states of the former Eastern bloc and thereby overcoming old Cold War divisions. The goal of continental peace stretches back to the earliest incarnation of the organisation, in the form of the European Coal and Steel Community, which sought to overcome Franco-German conflict by integrating those national industries most directly associated with the total wars of the last century.

There is plenty that could be questioned in this popular myth, but whatever credibility the EU could once have claimed as peacemaker has been shot to pieces over the last decade.


4.  No, Germany is Not Our Friend

Germany has been taking advantage of the United States, not only in regards to NATO, but in many other areas as well. And, they’ve been doing it for decades. President Trump rightly noted that, even as the Germans ignore the requirements not only for NATO’s collective defense, but also their own defense, they continue undermining European security by increasing their reliance on Russian fossil fuel sources–notably natural gas. During his remarks, Mr. Trump criticized Berlin repeatedly for having recently inked a new deal with Russia to link up yet another pipeline with Russia, thereby increasing Berlin’s reliance on the Russian Federation, and creating linkages with Moscow that empower Russia.


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