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PI Newsletter #40

1. Europe’s most fortified border is in Africa

On a wedge of land at the northern tip of the African continent lies a little piece of Europe – and it is one of the most heavily fortified borders in the world.


2. There’s Nothing Authoritarian About Poland’s Judicial Reforms

Poland’s supposed turn away from democracy and its recent attempts at reforming its judiciary have caused consternation and agitation at home and abroad. However, thus far, Polish democracy is alive and well. In fact, it may be in the process of deepening and strengthening.


3. Austrian Chancellor: Every country has the right to refuse migrants

“In my opinion every country should have the possibility to decide for themselves how many and what kind of people they want to accept,” Kurz says.


4. Hungarian PM:  Population Replacement Underway in Europe

Hungary’s Viktor Orban has warned that another “high tide” of mass migration is approaching and that financial speculators like George Soros hope to profit from the “ruination of Europe” via that mass migration.

In a Kossuth Radio discussion on the growing flood of illegal migrants into Balkan countries just outside the European Union — Bosnia has seen arrivals surge by 600 to 700 per cent in recent months — Prime Minister Orbán warned Europe was “seeing signs of a new migration wave, of a rising tide following a low tide; it’s rising now, and this poses a challenge.”



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