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Europe, Rise from Your Knees!

Prime Minister Beata Szydło Speech at the Sejm, Polish Parliament, on May 25, 2017

Ladies and Gentlemen! The security of our Homeland should bring us together. For nearly two years my government is implementing our strategy: A Secure Poland. We are structuring it upon 2 main pillars. The first pillar constitutes strict cooperation with our allies – NATO, paralleled by the precise multi-dimensional development of the Polish Army, the establishment of a new military technology supply network, the enlargement of personnel potential, ensuring the sense of the exclusivity of service to the Homeland – for instance through TDF (in Polish WOT – territorial defense force).

I wish to turn your attention to a universal message: the security of Poland is our common duty and responsibility. The creation of a high level of security should be our common goal – independent of our views or political contestation. We should agree together – that security of Poles is our mutual strategic undeniable mission, our priority and goal. There is nothing more valuable than the safety of our citizens; there should be no differences of opinion or even a slightest doubt. Our views divide us, but what should always unite us is the concern for the common good, for Poles, for Poland, for peace and the well being of our citizens; we are co-responsible for this – independent of the fact weather we are the ruling majority or the opposition.

Contesting yet again the position of the Minister of Defense, on the fortnight of a vital meeting with our Allies – surely isn’t wise, nor responsible; it is harmful and is a cardinal mistake. You will not get away with your games and disregard for a fundamental issue such as the security of Poland – Poles will judge you harshly. Never before has Poland enjoyed such support from her Allies: the presence of US Army in Poland; transfer of US Army division level Command from Germany to Poznan. These events are unprecedented, these are not only promises but real engagement.

NATO appreciates the development of our defense industry. Our government appropriated the largest spending to date for Army modernization. We compliment security with development – 2 fundamentals upon which we are building the future of Poland. We are not selling out companies. We are rebuilding defense facilities and continue to do so. We have signed the biggest contract for the supply of equipment manufactured by Polish industry in the history of Polish military industry. This is a contract for divisional fire modules including self-propelled howitzers CRAB. On May 16th we signed a deal for the supply of 500 JELCZ trucks designated for TDF. A guaranteed part of the contract foresees the purchase of 97 vehicles for over 85 million zl while the option for additional 403 trucks is worth more than 354 million zl. We are buying Polish mortars from Stalowa Wola steel plant and rocket systems from Polish radar plants. This engagement of Polish strategic industry and Polish anti-rocket defense is an investment without precedent.

Yet the opposition preferred to eliminate Polish defense systems. They signed contracts with companies that didn’t necessarily have Poland’s economic interest in mind. That will not happen again! Today, all morning, we were discussing on this floor security, the functioning of Polish forces, the Polish Army. Our government, as I said earlier, treats the security of Poles as a fundamental assignment and we want all the forces, in those critical moments – to collaborate with each other, and precisely the European migration crisis is the best proof of this.

The essential difference between us and the opposition is this – this government absolutely does not accept the utopia of uncontrolled border passage. We feel that aid is the most effective where the problem has its roots. It is worth remembering that PO party Prime Minister Kopacz decision would compel us to entertain giant numbers of refugees. Poles today don’t want this and we will not forsake them. This is not to say we do not want to help the refugees, we are doing it and will continue to develop humanitarian aid, we are working on international projects and are involved with assistance for Syria and everyplace where there is a need for help.

But be assured, Poland will never accept a blackmail from the EU! We will not participate in the craziness of Brussels’ elites! We want to help not the political elites, but people, those who really need help – there on location. Our Border Police is busy protecting the exterior boundaries of the European Union with cooperation between various forces – that is the solidification of a secure Poland treated systemically not selectively like you did it. The Polish Military has demonstrated excellence in the cooperation with Police, Fire Department and with Border Police; results of this were apparent during a perfectly carried out security operation at the World Youth Days held in Poland last summer. After Manchester, where the terrorists went even further and attacked children, the most innocent and helpless victims, You want to accept this?!? Are you aiming to move Poland into a position where she will be defenseless?

Today’s debate over the performance of Minister Macierewicz is a review of the state of Poland’s security. We are rebuilding this security every day. We will not let Polish children be kept from going to a club, to school or playground, we’ll never let that happen.  I have the courage to say, to ask the political elite of Europe – where are You heading Europe? Where are you going?! Get up off your knees, wake up from lethargy, because otherwise you will be weeping for your children every day!

If you do not recognize that today the threat of terror is a fact of life, that it can happen any day, in any country, and if you believe Poland should not defend herself – you are going hand in hand with those who aim that weapon against Europe, against all of us. And it should be said out front – this is war against Europe, against our culture and traditions.

Why am I telling you this? Because we have to answer ourselves, both here in this Chamber, but we have to answer ourselves across Europe – do we want politicians who say that we must get used to these attacks, calling terrorist acts “incidents“, or do we want strong politicians – who can see these threats and effectively target them. Antoni Macierewicz is that kind of politician.

We will not surrender to blackmail and we won’t be intimidated! It is high time to say Poland will be safe only if it will have a strong army, if all the forces will be ready and able, equipped to defend the security of Poles, and we, politicians will responsibly recognize threats, and not argue over that which is fundamental – over security for our fellow Poles.

There is nothing more valuable than freedom of Homeland and security for our countrymen. Being in the EU does not impose on us permissive political correctness. It means taking responsibility also when it is lost by those elitist EU circles that are blinded by political correctness, that are scared and disabled – we don’t agree with this – and here on the Vistula, and in Brussels we will keep repeating: we must guard our security because it is fundamental, recognize danger and not be afraid!

Be responsible and stand up to it — fight it effectively whatever challenge we face! This is our mission – the mission of this elite on our House floor. Not for the sake of popularity polls that you love so much, but for the sake of security – the security of Poland! Thank you.

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