PI Newsletter #69

  1. Bolton Builds Anti-China Campaign at the U.N. 

Diplomats and the U.S. Mission to the United Nations are also charged with rolling back China’s effort to secure international diplomatic backing for Xi’s signature Belt and Road Initiative, a trillion-dollar economic cooperation program designed to revitalize the famed Silk Road trade route that once linked China and the West.

The United States has secured a measure of backing from the European Union, which agreed last year to seek to check China’s efforts to promote its brand of soft power at the United Nations. But the Europeans are looking to avoid an outright confrontation with Beijing. And their long-term support for U.S. policy on China is considered tenuous as key European countries, including Greece and Italy, have decided to participate in Belt and Road projects.


The dispute reflects the emergence of an increasingly confrontational approach to China by the White House since Bolton’s appointment to the White House’s top national security job last April.

  1. Russia is Tricking GPS to Protect Putin

Russia continues to act as a pioneer in this space, exposing its willingness to not only deploy these capabilities in protection of VIPs and strategically important facilities, but also to leverage these to techniques to promote its ventures at frontiers in Syria and Russia’s European borders, the report says.

The Russian emphasis on electronic warfare extends to Putin’s personal security detail, which has embraced GPS spoofing as a way to protect the Russian leader against drone attacks. But the use of that spoofing technology can also be tracked and provides an unprecedented look at the effectiveness and scale of Russian electronic warfare capabilities.

As part of the Kremlin’s attempt to undermine the West’s military advantage in precision weaponry, the Russian military has made massive investments in electronic warfare, significantly increasing its ability to jam enemy communications that make possible U.S. ideas of networked warfare.

  1. Vatican Cardinal: Encouraging Immigration Misrepresents the Gospel

The Guinean cardinal, prefect of the Vatican’s Congregation for Divine Worship, said that using the Bible to promote migration constitutes “false exegesis,” adding that it is better “to help people flourish in their culture than to encourage them to come to Europe.”

[…] The cardinal also said that the demise of Christian Europe does not bode well for the future of the world.

[…]Cardinal Sarah has recently published a new book titled Evening Draws Near and the Day is Nearly Over (from Luke 24:29), in which he laments the “collapse of the West,” as well as the “migratory processes” that threaten Europe’s identity.


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