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PI Newsletter September 20, 2022

Poland’s ruling party MPs submit draft resolution on WWII reparations from Germany https://www.polskieradio.pl/395/7785/Artykul/3035873

Poland $1.3 Trillion Reparations From Germany: Old 1953 Excuse For Refusal. Forced Laborers: Jews Get Paid, and Other Victims of Nazi Genocide Do Not. Book review by Jan Paczkis: Compensation in Practice, by Constantin Goschler, 2017. https://www.jewsandpolesdatabase.org/2022/09/17/sneaky-german-policies-poland-1-3-trillion-reparations-from-germany-old-1953-excuse-for-refusal-forced-laborers-jews-get-paid-and-other-victims-of-nazi-genocide-do-not-goschler/

The new waterway – some interesting comments at the end

The new waterway in Poland

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