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PI Newsletter #27

1.  I Should Know:  Dems’ Intel Abuse Is Reminiscent of My Work for

They say that history repeats itself. If you have lived two lives, as I
have done, you have a good chance of seeing a re-enactment with your own

Forty years ago, I paid with two death sentences from my native Romania. I
had publicly revealed that Ceausescu’s highly praised independence from
Moscow was in fact an undercover intelligence dictatorship, designed to
transform Romania into a monument to him by annihilating his critics and
enemies. “I’ll give you a name, and you’ll build a criminal record for
him,” Ceausescu used to tell the head of the Securitate — his Marxist
version of the FBI. For him, lying was the first step toward stealing and

In July 1978, Ceausescu gave such a name to my foreign intelligence
service, the DIE, and that was the last straw for me.

I spent my next 30 American years under five presidents — some better than
others — but the joy of being a part of this magnanimous land of freedom
was surpassed only by the joy of simply being alive.

*In 2008, however, I suddenly had the feeling of watching Ceausescu’s ghost
haunting my adoptive country*. [the USA]


2.  German Refugee Worker Admits She Was Wrong, Plans to Move to Poland

*A refugee worker who once welcomed Angela Merkel’s decision to open
Germany’s borders to over a million predominantly Muslim migrants now
admits she was wrong and is emigrating to Poland, asserting, “It’s too late
for Germany.”*

After founding the refugee aid association Working Group Asylum + Human
Rights in 2012, Rebecca Sommer was delighted to welcome the deluge of
migrants that began arriving in Germany in the second half of 2015.

Sommer now admits that despite her good intentions, she got it completely
wrong and that Muslim migration poses an existential threat to the Germany
way of life, a problem that will only be exacerbated by the process of
family reunification, where migrants will be able to invite their relatives
to stay in Germany.

Our comment: *I do not think Poland should welcome this woman.  Someone who
enthusiastically and unquestionably welcomed recent immigrants to Germany
must be a typical dangerous leftie. Her brain has probably been
infested with other “progressive” ideas. I suspect that it’s the whole
package of neo-Marxist, neo-liberal ideas that she still  holds dear.  It’s
just that on this one issue she experienced the harm personally. The whole
package of “progressive”  ideas continues to inflict irreversible, mortal
damage on Europe By the time it makes life miserable for each European
personally, it will be too late. *


3.  Sweden Appoints Pakistani Muslim Head of National Heritage Board

Qaisar Mahmood, a Muslim born in Pakistan, is the new head of the Swedish
National Heritage Board. This is an extremely anomalous appointment, since he
readily admits
that he has not read anything about Sweden’s cultural heritage. But his
new job is not really about preserving and protecting Sweden’s cultural
heritage and historical sites at all.

He says he doesn’t want simply to alert people to Viking artifacts and the
like, but to use Sweden’s history to “create the narrative” that will make
Muslim migrants “part of something.”


4.  Child worship of Obama

When children talk about politics, they usually talk nonsense.

And when children start worshipping some political leader, something deeply
disturbing is going on.


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