PI Newsletter #41

1. Salute to Two Intellectuals Giants:  Bernard Lewis and Richard Pipes

It is appropriate for all free men and women to honor two scholars who helped preserve Western Civilization from totalitarian aggression. Both became American by choice.

Sadly, both, one British, one Polish, died this May.

Pipes heaped scorn on those who romanticized Russian revolutionaries, whom he viewed as mere Bolshevik thugs who raised funds through a string of bank
robberies and blackmail plots.

Bernard Lewis, the other intellectual great, had an influence on public policy in the Middle East matched by no other contemporary scholar. He, more than many others, was prepared to respond to the post- 9/11 questions of most Americans.

Professor Lewis’ post 9/11 lectures and policy advice to American leaders addressed questions such as: Why do they hate us so? What is Al-Qaeda? Who is Osama bin Laden? Where will this lead? When will it end? Lewis, after a lifetime of gathering insights on Islam, the Arab world, and the Middle East was always eager to inform the public.

2. The Real Resistance; Lessons for America  from gun control in Nazi-occupied France

Comment from the editor of the Newsletter:  This lesson is not only for America but for every freedom loving country.

That is the story of Stephen Halbrook’s masterful 2013 Gun Control in the Third Reich: Disarming the Jews and “Enemies of the State.” Halbrook’s new book, Gun Control in Nazi-Occupied France: Tyranny and Resistance, charts the same process in occupied France. As he notes, of the many books on the occupation, “not one focuses on the repression of gun owners.” So Halbrook, who earned his JD at Georgetown and taught political philosophy at George Mason University, wrote the first authoritative account.

As the end of this account, the author warns, “be careful what you wish for.” Pierre Laval’s crusade to control guns wound up aiding murderous Nazi tyranny. That is hardly the only lesson of this thoroughly researched and long overdue book. As the record shows, it is the totalitarian mindset that seeks to disarm the people, and gun registration is the first step toward gun confiscation.

The European Union requires states to register firearms. Germany was first to comply in 2013, on the 80th anniversary of Hitler coming to power.

3.  Progressivism is Cultural Marxism

Progressivism (A.K.A. Cultural Marxism) is a leftist thought process implemented into society via media, academia, politics and entertainment. It desires a world with no traditional families, no religion, no pride, and no identity. It promotes degeneracy, immorality, ugliness, miscegenation, false history and self loathing. Progressivism is societal rot, it eats away at the foundations of a civilisation until it falls in on itself. What is left is the decayed remnants of a once great civilisation, the one time envy of the world and eternal enemy of the progressives.

Progressivism thrives off certain traits unique to the European that work against the best interests of the European. Those traits being empathy and altruism. It promotes out group empathy and out group altruism, and attacks those who practice in group empathy and in group altruism.

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