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PI Newsletter July 2023


The presidents paid tribute to the victims of Volhynia.  https://www.warsawvoice.pl/WVpage/pages/article.php/57532/news

Resolution of Polish Parliament on the anniversary of the Volhynia Massacre.  https://www.warsawvoice.pl/WVpage/pages/article.php/57572/news

Boosting NATO’s eastern flank will be a key at Vilnius summit: Polish president.  https://www.polskieradio.pl/395/9766/Artykul/3205821

NATO Offers Ukraine More Support But Not Membership.  https://cepa.org/article/nato-offers-ukraine-more-support-but-not-membership/

Why didn’t Ukraine receive a formal invitation to join NATO?  https://www.polskieradio.pl/395/7785/Artykul/3207139

Andrzej Duda: declaration on Ukraine is insufficient.  https://www.warsawvoice.pl/WVpage/pages/article.php/57570/news

 A Turning Point for Military Spending; Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has led to a new willingness for countries to pay for their own defense.  https://www.nytimes.com/2023/07/12/briefing/nato-summit.html

Poland set to become NATO’s top defense spender. https://www.polskieradio.pl/395/9766/Artykul/3205592

Missile shield in a decisive phase.  https://www.warsawvoice.pl/WVpage/pages/article.php/57582/news

Blocking the Bear: NATO Forward Defense of the Baltics; Ukraine has bloodied Russia’s military, but NATO must still prepare for invasion.  https://cepa.org/article/blocking-the-bear-nato-forward-defense-of-the-baltics/

Europe Wasn’t Built for Our Era of Hard Power and War; Europeans are vegetarians in a world of carnivores, from Russia and China to the US. They can’t, or won’t, grow fangs.  https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2023/07/09/leaving-europe-for-america-eu-wasn-t-build-for-war-us-china-hard-power/c01086a2-1e20-11ee-be41-a036f4b098ec_story.html

Russia poses biggest threat to NATO: Polish president.  https://www.polskieradio.pl/395/9766/Artykul/3207059

Poland warns of ‘appropriate response’ after Russia closes Polish consulate in Smolensk.  https://www.polskieradio.pl/395/7785/Artykul/3208493

Polish-Lithuanian cooperation is a ‘priceless asset’: The Polish president has praised Poland’s cooperation with its Baltic neighbour Lithuania as “priceless asset” amid current challenges and for the future. https://www.polskieradio.pl/395/7785/Artykul/3209329

Book review: The Holocaust in Poland and the Erasures of the Past JEWS IN THE GARDEN: A Holocaust Survivor, the Fate of His Family, and the Secret History of Poland in World War II by Judy Rakowsky.  https://www.nytimes.com/2023/07/12/books/review/jews-in-the-garden-judy-rakowsky.html

Populist Puppet or Biden Ally? Who is Poland’s Andrzej Duda; The invasion of Ukraine propelled Poland’s president from the periphery of European politics to the center.  https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2023-07-07/russia-s-war-in-ukraine-propels-polish-president-andrzej-duda-into-spotlight

The Poles are rearming at a breathtaking rate and are now Europe’s rising power. Let’s embrace Warsaw – over Paris and Berlin.  https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/prince_charles/article-12276633/ANDREW-NEIL-Poles-rearming-breathtaking-rate-Europes-rising-power.html

Poland asks NATO to deploy nuclear weapons.  https://www.warsawvoice.pl/WVpage/pages/article.php/57482/news

Poland starts observances of WWII massacres by Ukrainians that have marred neighborly ties.  https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/2023/07/07/ukraine-poland-volhynia-massacre-reconciliation/63e1becc-1cc3-11ee-be41-a036f4b098ec_story.html 

Polish missile defense site to be developed by the end of 2023  https://www.polskieradio.pl/395/7784/Artykul/3202612

OSCE lawmakers condemn desecration of Polish graves in Belarus.  https://www.polskieradio.pl/395/9766/Artykul/3203290 

U.S. leaders insist war with Russia must end before Ukraine joins NATO  https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2023/07/09/biden-nato-ukraine-russia/

Vilnius Summit Will Determine Whether NATO Is Serious About Deterrence  https://www.realcleardefense.com/articles/2023/07/06/vilnius_summit_will_determine_whether_nato_is_serious_about_deterrence_963738.html

NATO’s annual summit could define a decade of Western security  https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2023/07/08/nato-russia-ukraine-biden/


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