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PI Newsletter #36

1. Patrick J. Buchanan – Macron the Last Multilateralist Can’t Stop the Surge of Nationalism.

“Together,” President Macron instructed President Trump, “we can resist the rise of aggressive nationalisms that  deny our history and divide the world.”

Before Congress he denounced “extreme nationalism,” invoked the U.N., NATO,  WTO, and Paris climate accord, and implored Trump’s America to come home to  the New World Order.

Macron belongs to a political class that sees open borders and free trade  thickening and tightening the ties of dependency, and eventually creating a One Europe, whose destiny his crowd will forever control.

But if his idea of pluralism is multiracial, multiethnic, multicultural nations, with a multilateral EU overlord, he is describing a future that tens millions of Europeans believe means the death of the nations that give meaning to their lives.

And they will not go gentle into that good night.

…… the world he [Macron]celebrates is receding into history.


2.  Not a Prophet in His Own Land

Paul Gottfried is a former professor of humanities at Elizabethtown College in Pennsylvania. In this interview, he talks about his own intellectual influences, religion, President Trump, and more.

“The evil we face throughout the onetime Western world is the spread of the multicultural poison that has already affected almost equally our two national parties and most of our educational system. This toxin has tainted our media Right almost as much as it has permeated the official left center. Gay marriage is now a “family value” for Jonah Goldberg, John Podhoretz, Greg Gutfeld and other media conservatives. The conservative movement, like the official Left, describes the US as a “propositional nation” committed to the proposition of universal equality and the interchangeability of everyone, providing those pouring into the country are willing to memorize our leftist creed.”

Which is your favorite European nationalist and identitarian figure?

“My favorite European head of state is Viktor Orban. I am bedazzled by the way he has protected the sovereignty of the Hungarian nation and how he never apologizes for its cultural traditions. Merkel’s Germany, the white South, and Spain, have all moved in the opposite direction. These are societies that have acquired an unhappy taste for collective masochism.”


3. Europe: Safeguard Values or Disappear

We no longer replace our numbers; instead we rely on immigration to compensate for the shortfall in births. This immigration is for the most part Muslim; the effect of our demographic decline is, therefore, the Islamization of Europe. Without the courage to insist on safeguarding our values, and passing our inheritance on to our children, we Europeans will simply disappear — as many groups have before. With us, however, will disappear the most enlightened civilization the world has ever known.


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