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PI Newsletter #38

1. Europe is committing suicide – Douglas Murray

Europe is committing suicide. How did this happen? In this video, Douglas Murray, author of The Strange Death of Europe, explains the two major causes of Europe’s impending downfall.


2. Viktor Orban successfully ‘removes’ Soros’s Open Society Foundations from Hungary 

The decision [by Soros’s Open Society Foundation] to move operations out of Budapest  [to Berlin] comes as the Hungarian government prepares to impose further restrictions on nongovernmental organizations through what it has branded its “Stop Soros” package of legislation, the statement reads. According to the Hungarian government, the aim of the legislative package is to ensure the transparency of foreign-funded NGOs and restrict the operation of those who support illegal immigration.


3.  Why Does Uzbekistan Expert So Many Terrorists?

An alleged New York attacker joins a long list of ISIS sympathizers and recruits from the country

The government of Uzbekistan keeps a “black list” of people it has decided are religious extremists. According to a recent report by Human Rights Watch, “Those on the list are barred from obtaining various jobs and travel, and must report regularly for police interrogations.” Until the new president shortened the list in August, it contained some 18,000 names.

The draconian measures implemented by the Karimov regime [in Uzbekistan] have not solved the problem of Islamist extremism in Uzbekistan. They have only pushed problem underground and, ultimately, abroad. Saipov isn’t the first native Uzbek to have been implicated in a terrorist attack. Last summer’s airport bombing in Istanbul was carried out by an Uzbek man, along with co-conspirators from other Central Asian countries. An Uzbek drove a truck into a crowd in Stockholm in April. Last week, an Uzbek was sentenced to 15 years in prison by a New York court for providing material support to ISIS. Uzbekistan has provided some 1,500 soldiers to ISIS in Iraq and Syria, according to the Soufan Group. ISIS has claimed that Uzbeks were responsible for some of its most high-profile suicide bombings in Iraq. In November 2014, the largest Uzbek faction fighting in Syria pledged its allegiance to the Taliban.

It also indicates that the authoritarian environments of the post-Soviet states— Uzbekistan in particular—have proven that cracking down on religious practice and ideology are ineffective. The measures not only fail to stop extremism, they seem to be its chief incubators. And with no caliphate to travel to, the extremism born in places like Uzbekistan will find other places to spread [Europe and the US included].


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