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PI Newsletter #47

1.  Trump Buries the Old-World Order

The present continuance of institutions such as the EU, NATO, UN, and others suggests that the world goes on exactly as before. In fact, these alphabet organizations are becoming shadows of their former selves, more trouble to end than to allow to grow irrelevant. The conditions that created them after the end of World War II, and subsequently sustained them even after the fall of the Berlin Wall, no longer really exist.


 2. Dalai Lama says “Europe belongs to Europeans”.

The Dalai Lama is of course the spiritual leader of Tibet, a culturally distinct area of China that the People’s Republic has slowly been Sinicizing since 1950. This process includes importing large numbers of Han Chinese to make Tibetans a minority in their own country, cracking down on expressions of Tibetan heritage and and history, and marginalizing the Tibetan language. There is no mystery about any of this and Western critics are quite willing to accurately describe what is happening as “cultural genocide.”

Of course, the reason you can call it what it is is because there are no white people involved and no way to blame what is happening on “white privilege.” The same process is taking place in North America and Europe. However, resistance by Tibetans is cheered as spunky and heroic by Western media while resistance by Europeans and North Americans against dispossession is marginalized as racist. From an objective point of view however, both populations are resisting the same thing.


 3.  Growing Nationalism Could Give Trump an Edge over EU

With the European Parliament voting this week to censure Hungary, the chasm between populist-nationalism and European Union-style bureaucracy has deepened again, presenting President Trump a further opportunity to make friends in Europe at the expense of faltering globalist voices.

The European Council and Parliament’s insistence on penalizing Hungary – one of the only nation-states in the block to protect its borders, and to overwhelmingly vote to do so in free and fair elections – will only serve to embolden the populists across the world, of which the US President counts himself.



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