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PI Newsletter #70

  1. Belarusians fight battery factory bankrolled by China

These people fear their health is in danger. For months now, they have been vehemently protesting a factory that has been built near their town, which lies in the southwest corner of Belarus on the border with Poland. The factory will make vehicle batteries that contain highly toxic lead, and it hopes to churn out some two million a year. Activists say the factory does not adhere to environmental standards and could cause a catastrophe.


Subik lives just one kilometer (0.6 miles) from the plant in a house that she and her husband only just finished building. The couple are now worried that living so close to the factory could harm their health and the health of their two sons. She has hundreds of pages of reports that supposedly show that the factory management is downplaying the health hazards connected to its battery production.

IPower, as the factory is called, plans to manufacture lead-acid batteries. But this could produce serious quantities of lead waste, which can seep into the ground and water and eventually cause cancer.


  1. Hungary Govt Says Suspected ISIS Beheader Had Pre-Paid Debit Card from EU

The Hungarian government claims a suspected Islamic State terrorist who entered Europe posing as a refugee was in possession of a pre-paid debit card from the European Union, and that the EU has issued 64,000 such cards to migrants.

“[T]his story has a deeply disturbing side,” he [Hungary’s Secretary of State for International Communications ] went on, claiming that, after initial denials, “the [European] Commission  finally admitted that the United Nations and the European Union have been distributing [pre-paid debit] cards to migrants who have reached the territory of the EU” — with some 64,000 of them allegedly distributed to migrants “in January alone”.


  1. Ex Muslim: “Swedes will lose Sweden in 50 years”

“For many years I have tried to get the Swedes to understand what the Muslim goal is – to take over your country. The first thing they will do is demand sharia courts, just like in the UK”, she says. But the mainstream media does not want to listen to Mona Walter. They call her controversial and most Swedes turn away from her message, which they perceive as too frightening, according to the news blog Ingrid and Maria.


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