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PI Newsletter #112

1. U.S. Election News

Trump Pulls within 1 Percent of Biden in Arizona

An automatic recount will take place if the final margin is one-tenth of 1 percent, according to state law.


20 Reasons Election 2020 Is Far From Over

Now that the media has declared Joe Biden the next president of the United States, let’s take a look at the state of play:


There is Strong Mathematica Evidence of Inaccurate Vote Counts

Here are just the facts:


  Worldwide electronic voting systems vulnerable to manipulation 


The Hammar and Scorecard Software Used To Alter Election


2. China: Existential Threat to America

  • We can, of course, cooperate with a China that is a partner or a friend. We can even cooperate with a China that is a competitor; all nations to some degree compete. The question is this: Is China merely just a competitor? Can we, for instance, cooperate with a China that is an opponent or an enemy?
  • Multilateralism, the core ideology of the UN, is failing. Countries are bypassing the UN because they realize it cannot provide security. Countries are defending themselves.
  • China’s unrestricted warfare — a term Beijing has been using for at least 21 years — now includes biological attack.
  • In late January, US Customs and Border Patrol agents seized 900,000 counterfeit one‑dollar bills from China at the International Port of Entry in Minnesota… By the way, counterfeiting another country’s currency is more than just subversion. That is an act of war.
  • Xi has always believed that China should rule the world. He has always believed he had to get the United States out of the way, especially because Americans promote ideals that are anathema to totalitarianism.
  • Beijing leaders know they are running out of time. It is really no mystery why they may feel this way. China’s demography is in the initial stages of accelerated decline. We know that China’s environment is exhausted. Think scarcity of water, despite all the flooding.
  • Up to now, the primary basis of the legitimacy of the Chinese Communist Party has been the continual delivery of prosperity. Without the assurance of prosperity, the only remaining basis of legitimacy is nationalism. Nationalism, as a practical matter, means military misadventure abroad.
  • A Chinese enterprise is now pouring about three billion dollars into Freeport in the Bahamas, 87 miles east of Palm Beach. I think that we are going to see unless the US stops it, the People’s Liberation Army with a naval base 87 miles east of Palm Beach.
  • We cannot afford to have these consulates not only engaging in espionage but also trying to bring down the government of the United States… Everyone wants to maintain friendly relations with every country, but we cannot maintain friendly relations with a country that is trying to subvert us in the way China’s been doing.
  • We cannot afford to lose any time giving grace periods to a regime that is relentlessly attacking us. We have to be concerned that an incoming president will do what every president has tried to do. That is impossible: to attempt to develop cooperative relations with a militant Chinese state.
  • It is up to the President of the United States to change companies’ incentives. He can do that with the use of the International Emergency Economic Powers Act of 1977. Trump used that on TikTok. A US federal judge in the District of Columbia overturned, or at least stayed, his order, which means President Trump needs, first of all, to start thinking about not only the ’77 act but also the 1917 act, which is the “Trading with the Enemy Act ” because judges would have less scope for overturning a designation of that sort…. We need to do much more because China is not going to let us alone in our own hemisphere.
  • Because China killed 20 Indian soldiers on June 15, India has gone in a good direction, cutting off Huawei, cutting off TikTok, cutting off Chinese companies. We need to do the same thing. Remember, China declared a “people’s war” on the United States in May of last year. They told us we’re the enemy, so we might as well take them at their word.
  • In the Atlantic, there are two other places that China would like military bases. One of them is Walvis Bay in Namibia, and the other is Terceira, in the Azores. Terceira is home to the Lajes US Air Force base. The US Air Force has redeployed, basically making it a ghost base. From there, China could control the mouth of the Mediterranean, control the North Atlantic, put Washington, DC and New York at risk. I think it is up to the US Air Force to start putting people in Lajes, so the Chinese realize that they cannot take over the airfield. Its runway is almost 11,000 feet long. It can accommodate any aircraft and can threaten the United States. The Atlantic, which we have seen as a preserve, could very well become a Chinese lake.
  • In terms of whether there might be another biological attack or not, you have to remember that China has been sending seeds, unsolicited, to Americans, to people in Britain, to people in Taiwan. That could very well be an attempt to cause havoc in the United State
  • The point here is, we have to be prepared for anything. We need to make a clear declaration in public that the United States will defend Taiwan because Taiwan is crucial to maintaining our Western defense perimeter…. Taiwan is absolutely critical because it protects us from a surging Chinese air force and Chinese navy, trying to get to Hawaii.
  • https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/16705/china-existential-threat



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