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I don’t have another Poland for you

I don’t have another Poland for you

Tomasz Żodzik

Comment published on LinkedIn, June 24, 2024

The Polish Sejm was unable to ratify the agreement of 08.2008 with the United States on the anti-missile shield over Poland for 13 months and it was not a coincidence. Again, I will support myself with Wikileaks and a secret cable from the US ambassador: the Presidential Palace (of Lech Kaczynski) was ready to give up the laurels of the victory of the PO/PSL coalition, if only they would finally ratify this agreement.  But attempts to renegotiate the agreement, setting ridiculous conditions, such as fantasies after the possible dissolution of the base about cleaning up after oneself, garbage collection, or land reclamation irritated the White House to such an extent that Obama terminated this agreement to the delight of Putin, Macron and Merkel who have achieved their goal – another small step towards EU integration from Gibraltar to the Urals.

We have a gas war between the UA and the RU, and the Polish prime minister for the first time since 1991 breaks with the Giedroyc doctrine and instead of going to Kiev, he unexpectedly flew first to Moscow in February 2008, and only in March 2008… to Washington. Meanwhile, Putin is not idle: he attacks Georgia, and on September 1, 2009, at Westerplatte, he justifies the USSR’s attack on Poland and the Katyn massacre as revenge for the death of Soviet soldiers from typhus in 1920…

In January 2010, Poland forgave Gazprom the debt in the shocking amount of PLN 1.2 billion. The pragmatic line had no end because in April 2010 “Prigozhin’s plane” had an unfortunate accident and the investigation in this case was handed over to the well-known democrat Prosecutor General of Russia Yuri Chaika.

Chaika has so far been known for such achievements as the case of Politkovskaya, Litvinenko, or the penal colony for Khodorkovsky – but Poland does not stop here and in September 2010 Poland invites Lavrov to give a lecture to all summoned Polish ambassadors on how to represent Poland abroad. It seems as not a big deal, but since the times of Tsarina Catherine, there has not been such a situation.

Putin’s media wrote in 2008 about Prime Minister Tusk that Moscow has its own man in Warsaw, but the hit was in 2012, when the head of the Russian Central Election Commission Vladimir Churov accused of electoral fraud in Russia was a guest of the Polish National Electoral Commission to teach the Poles how to conduct elections.

There was no end to the rapprochements: in 2010, Poland began to talk with Rosatom about importing energy from the planned new nuclear power plant in Kaliningrad

Not much, because maybe you remember shale gas, which was supposed to make us a power? It turns out that environmental organizations protesting against shale gas in the Lublin region were paid by Russia, just as the delegation of the Greens from the European Parliament took money from Gazprom for it. British and American companies had to deal with organized sabotage by Soviet henchmen aka Occupy Chevron. The head of the Greens faction in Europe, Rebecca Harms, appeared to protest in Poland, hostile to shale gas and… nuclear power.

Chevron and Exxon were waiting for some moves by the Polish government that would encourage the American giants to stay in our country permanently. However, there were none. The opposite happened. The country’s chief geologist cooled down the enthusiasm of the USA and presented his own “report”, where he estimated our gas… much more modestly than the American agency did. After some 400 protests, the Americans finally left…


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