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The Spectator: The EU will regret the legal attack on Poland


Andrew Tennenbronn in the prestigious British magazine “The Spectator” indicates that the EU will hiccup a legal dispute with Poland.

Last week, the EU Court of Justice issued two rulings unfavorable for Poland. In the first one, it ordered the immediate suspension of the operation of the Disciplinary Chamber of the Supreme Court; in the second, it stated that the disciplinary system for judges introduced in Poland is inconsistent with EU law. Meanwhile, Poland’s Constitutional Tribunal decided that Polish law takes precedence over EU law.

“Political overtone of the attack on Poland”

“The ruling Law and Justice Party is heartily hated in Brussels. Its politics, which is quite popular locally, is a curse for the liberal and cosmopolitan euronomenklatura,”  says Andrew Tennenborn in the British “The Spectator.”

“While you might think that this is not an EU issue, Brussels stated that the new solutions concerning Poland’s judiciary were unlawful. It suggested that the provisions deprived Polish litigants who wished to invoke EU law of access to an impartial court that could apply them,” emphasizes the columnist, a law professor at Swansea University.

Tennenborn writes outright that we are dealing with an “EU attack on Poland.”

“The PiS government certainly is not to everyone’s liking. There are reasons to be skeptical about how independent the (Polish) courts are. (…) But this is not what it’s all about. Much more important is what all of this says about the EU. First, the whole EU assault has a clear political overtone; the appointment of judges in a country is, after all, an area that one might think should be decided within a country’s democratic process. Should the EU really interfere in such matters?”

“The last thing the EU needs after the Brexit failure is a bad blood Polexit, which is now openly talked about, along with the loss of prestige that it would entail,” reads the weekly “The Spectator.”



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