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Michael Świątek wins PI 2023 Competition on the History of Poland

Congratulations to Michael Świątek
for winning the 2023 Competition about the History of Poland!

Congratulations to all laureates, and thank you to all this year’s competition participants.
Thank you for your excellent essays!  Come back next year!

  Full results of 2023 PI Competition: “The German genocide of ethnic Poles.”



 The Grand Prize is sponsored by the Chancellery of the Prime Minister of Poland, as part of the program ‘Polonia and Poles Abroad 2023’ and implemented in cooperation with Fundacja Wolność i Demokracja on the project “Together in the Name of Poland – One Grand Polish Family.”

The Grand Prize goes to Michael Świątek, a student at the Sacred Heart Seminary and School of Theology, Wisconsin, for the essay “The German Brutal Program of Invasion, Incarceration, and Extermination in the Planned Destruction of Poland.”


Holstege Max, a student at Western Michigan University, for the essay “Poland in WWII: A Terrifying and Turbulent History.”

Kucherenko Nikita, a student at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy, College of the Performing Arts in Los Angeles, for the essay entitled “The Erasure of Morality: A Detailed Account of the Victimized Polish during WWII.”


Okpomo Kenneth, a resident of Nigeria, for the essay “Revisiting Nazi Germany Crimes against ethnic Poles.”

Palutis Jeffrey, a resident of the State of Michigan, for the essay “Nazi Germany’s Attempts at Polish Genocide.”

Rocchio Angelina, a student at the University of Southern California, for the Polonia Institute Scholarship Essay.


Miskowiec Veronika, Penn-State University Polish American student, for the essay “A Story of Unwavering Resilience: Poland in WWII.”

Shiver Max, a resident of Arizona who will pursue a doctoral study in chiropractic at the National University of Health and Sciences in Florida in 2024, for the essay “No such thing as appeasement.”




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