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The Chairmen of Election Commissions in Los Angeles demand the opposition in Poland to live up to election results.

The Los Angeles Election Commissions chairmen, from left: Tomasz Jełowiecki, Jan Michał Małek, Leszek Pawlik.
The Los Angeles Election Commissions Chairmen, from left: Tomasz Jełowicki, Jan Michał Małek, Leszek Pawlik.

Three Polish elections took place in Los Angeles in 2015: on May 10th the first round of the Presidential election; on May 24th, the the second round of the Presidential election; and on October 25th, the Parliamentary elections. As in all election districts in Poland and abroad, the elections in Los Angeles were held according to democratic standards and no essential problems were reported by or to the Commissions.


On December 22nd, 2016, the  three chairmen of the Election Commissions that served the above elections met in front of the polling place, the Consulate of Poland in Los Angeles, to confirm the legality of the elections and demand that the PO and Nowoczesna opposition parties in Poland stop negating them. The three chairmen were: Jan Michał Małek, chairman of the Round I Presidential election commission, Tomasz Jełowicki, chairman of the Round II Presidential election commission, and Leszek Pawlik, chairman of the Parlimentary election commission.


They brought with them the protocols of their respective elections to remind people in Poland and abroad that there were clear winners in these elections. Unfortunately, more than one year later, the opposition parties, and the KOD movement supported by them, still refuse to acknowledge the election results. Recently they dropped any pretense of civility by occupying the main room in the Parliament building, and by calling for violence and terror. They were joined outside by armed communist-era secret police retirees under the slogan “Grzeczni już byliśmy!” meaning “Were are done with being civil!.”  After disrupting the Parliament proceedings by occupying the Speaker chair, they refused to leave the room, and they intend to stay there over the Christmas and New Year holidays.


Meanwhile, their aggressive supporters started physical attacks on the ruling party (PiS) members. Polish citizens must unite against these actions, which are a detriment to democratic behavior. We hope our firm stand against breaking the law by PO and Nowoczesna opposition parties (Kukiz 15 refused to join the civil disobedience, and recently PSL party decided to leave the protesters) will encourage the entire Polish society to support the legally elected government of Prime Minister Beata Szydło.

Reading the Polonia Institute letter to the Ambassador



Elections have consequences!






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