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Complaint on Andrea Mitchell

Dear Ms. Kim;

Your reporter Andrea Mitchell deeply offended the memory of my loved ones murdered by Hitler’s invaders of my homeland Poland by stating on the international broadcast that  the Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto rose up against the  Polish Nazi Regime.  This statement is not only completely false, it is scandalous and deeply offensive to millions of ethnic Poles brutally and viciously murdered by the German oppressors occupying Polish lands.  I am the author of a book “World War II through Polish Eyes” where I describe the Holocaust of Ethnic Poles by the Germans and Soviets.
This book is based on 20 original letters of Jozef Fijalkowski, prisoner No. 3088 from Auschwitz


Statements like the one made by your journalist Mitchell are criminal in nature because they are defamatory in nature and completely distort the history of the Holocaust, whitewashing German crimes and transferring their guilt in public perception to the Polish people.  This tactic intends to shift the blame for the Holocaust of the Jews from the Germans to the Poles in order to force the Polish people to pay billions of dollars of Jewish restitution claims pursuant to US S. 447 adopted by acclamation in the US Congress on May 9, 2018. Public Law No: 115-171 (05/09/2018). That is why it is likely that this outrageous statement, when taken in the context of other outrageous statements made by the American delegation in Warsaw, was made by Ms. Mitchell not by mistake but intentionally.


On behalf of all people of Polish descent, I demand that Ms. Mitchell be fired immediately by your network for her racist statements against the Polish people.
Any other action will be a sign of approval of her despicable slander of ethnic Poles and the Polish American community will seek justice in court.

Sincerely yours,

Maria Szonert, Esq.



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