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German Cardinal Appeals to Eurocrats: Respect Polish Freedom and Democracy

“It is my expectation that representatives of the European Union fully respect Polish democracy and freedom. For hundreds of years, the Polish nation has experienced immense suffering and has sacrificed millions of lives in its fight for liberty. You have to look at Poland from the perspective of her own history and admire her for what she has experienced ,” German Cardinal Gerhard Müller appealed to the eurocrats in an interview with Radio Nadzieja.

Cardinal Gerhard Müller, a longtime prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, in an interview in Radio Nadzieja spoke a lot about the importance of the Warsaw Uprising.

”Poland is a country with exceptional freedom and democracy traditions. Throughout centuries, the Polish nation has always fought bravely against her invaders” emphasized the German clergyman.

In his interview for Radio Hope, cardinal Muller strongly emphasized the importance of freedom in Polish history.

“Freedom is not given as a gift, but it must be fought for, because it is the value that demands sacrifice. Over the centuries, Poland has repeatedly had to fight for her freedom because she was a victim of international politics. The aim of the Third Reich was to destroy Polish national identity and exterminate the Polish nation, and I think that it was Poland, among all European countries, that had to fight the hardest for freedom and democracy.”

In another part of the interview, the cardinal stated explicitly that “Poland made the greatest contribution to the fight against national socialism in World War II”.

“We are also saddened by the fact that some identify with the “logic of the winner”, while in fact the real winners are not those who go with the weapon against the enemy, but those who can fight for their identity and dignity of man. (…) Human dignity is the greatest value worth fighting for and it is worth sacrificing one’s own life for,” said Gerhard Muller.

From 2012 to 2017, card. Gerhard Müller was the prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Pope Francis decided not to extend his term in office. The media have repeatedly written about cardinal Müller’s criticism of the present Bishop of Rome. The cardinal himself denies being critical of the Bishop. Gerhard Müller holds an honorary doctorate at four Polish universities – the Catholic University of Lublin, Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw, the Pontifical Faculty of Theology in Wrocław and the Pontifical University of John Paul II in Krakow.

from: niezalezna.pl


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