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POLONIA INSTITUTE Condemns Distortion of Polish History that Encourages Racist Attitudes towards Polish People


With the advent of 2021, forces hostile to the aspirations of the Polish people for sovereignty and independence intensified subversive operations against Poland. The mainstream media and influential politicians published anti-Polish statements containing provocative and untrue content about Poland and Poles.

On January 27, 2021, U.S. Senator Ben Cardin, who is also a US representative on anti-Semitism, racism, and intolerance in the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), stated:

As the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe Parliamentary Assembly’s Special Representative on Anti-Semitism, Racism and Intolerance, I am committed to countering attempts to erase or revise the events of the Holocaust, such as Poland’s efforts to punish those who speak the truth about the three million Jews killed there. I am deeply disturbed, for instance, by the news of a slander lawsuit against two Polish scholars for their writings on Jews forced into hiding during the Nazi occupation. See Statement by B. Cardin.

  • By calling the trial brought by a private citizen F. Leszczyńska against book authors B. Engelking and J. Grabowski for defamation and infringement of her rights as Poland’s effort to punish those who tell the truth, Senator Cardin committed injurious manipulation of facts and applied a technique that amounts to unacceptable interference with the administration of justice. His statement issued shortly before the announcement of the verdict in the trial pending before the court put tremendous pressure on the Polish judge not to find the defendants guilty even if required by facts in the case, the Polish law, and the conscience of the court.
  • Barbara Engelking is famous for stating publicly:

    the death of the Poles is biological, natural death, is death like death, and for the Jews, it was a tragedy, it was metaphysics, it was a meeting with the highest …

    Thus, she revealed herself as a Jewish supremacist and became the symbol of Jewish racism and hatred towards Poles. See Racism Engelking.

  • As the US representative to OSCE on racism, Senator Cardin, by virtue of his function, has a duty to condemn not only racism against Jews but also racism demonstrated by Jews against Poles. However, he chose to blindly defend Engelking known for her openly racist attitude toward Poles, and attack Poland instead. Therefore, as the OSCE representative responsible for eliminating racism, he not only discriminated against the Polish people but also demonstrated anti-Polonism that amounts to racism.
  • Second defendant J. Grabowski prides himself on many years of anti-Polish activities that irrefutably demonstrate his racist prejudice towards Poles. Repeatedly caught in the act of distorting history, selecting sources to fit his needs, and inventing arguments for anti-Polish theses, he does not care about any criticism because he knows he is protected. See Grabowski Misstates Datner.  This operation has been going on for years. This time, Sen. Cardin, the US Senate, the influential New York Times with most of the Western mainstream media that follow suit, once again stood up for lies and manipulations by J. Grabowski.

Despite the enormous pressure generated by politicians and Western media in defense of B. Engelking and J. Grabowski who spearhead the so-called “new school of the Holocaust,” on February 9, 2021, the District Court in Warsaw ruled that Barbara Engelking and Jan Grabowski shall apologize to Filomena Leszczyńska for the information contained in their book “It’s still night.”

The judgment sparked a new wave of racist attacks on Poland and Poles. These attackers dismiss any dialogue as the mainstream media do not allow any opposite voices in this matter. The anti-Polish forces wage open information warfare against Poland using a one-sided propaganda terror reaching the level of Goebbels’ propaganda cynically masked as science.

Thus, for years the Polish people in the United States have been denied the right to defend themselves against allegations that, contrary to the facts, turn Polish victims of the German occupation into perpetrators of German crimes, and portray the Polish heroes fighting for liberty and freedom against Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union as criminals.

It is a deliberate action that causes pain and suffering to Polish victims of German persecutions and their families. Such actions bear the hallmarks of torture as they aggravate the trauma of unhealed war wounds among the Polish people, thus violate the Universal Declaration on Human Rights, which states that no one may be subjected to torture or inhuman or degrading treatment and that all people should be treated equally.

The coordinated suppression of the Polish voice and massive pressure excreted on the Polish courts aims at denying the Polish people the right to defend themselves against malicious accusations, the action that violates Ar. 5 of the European Convention on Human Rights, which guarantees every citizen the right to a fair trial.

These actions also constitute an unauthorized interference in the internal affairs of the sovereign Polish state. They aim at overthrowing the democratically elected government of the Republic of Poland in order to replace it with groups that declare full allegiance to external forces that demand gigantic, unfounded WWII reparations from Poland for Jewish heirless properties, as called for in the American JUST Act known as Senate Resolution 447.

Finally, we, the Polish Americans, understand the need for good and strong bilateral relationships between Poland and the United States. We are also aware that at the time when the American global leadership is challenged, the USA needs Poland more than ever. Our American global interests require that the faithful Polish ally remains on the American side. It is clearly visible now that irresponsible actions that distort Polish history and turn Polish victims into oppressors may lead to the loss of public support for the USA in Poland and push the Polish people into the sphere of our adversaries like Russia or China.


The Polonia Institute hereby protests against the terror campaign waged against the historical truth, the dignity of the Polish people, and the vital interests of Poland with lies, manipulation, and massive propaganda cynically masked as scientific freedom. The terror campaign waged against the people of Polish descent grossly violates the fundamental rights of the Polish people guaranteed by the Universal Declaration on Human Rights, such as fair and equal treatment and the right to a free and fair trial. It clearly prohibits tortures, including cruel and inhumane treatment.

We appeal to the community of Polish Jews and people of Polish-Jewish origin to condemn the ongoing anti-Polish campaign of a racist nature. The continuation of the propaganda terror against Poland and the Polish people based on lies, slander, and racial hatred by Jewish communities around the world destroys centuries-old Polish-Jewish heritage and threatens the fabric of the Polish society, of which Jews are an integral part. Such an operation also seriously threatens international peace and security.

We call on defenders of human rights all over the world to have the courage to stand up for the weaker in this fight, to stand up for those who have been discriminated against, slandered, and offended for decades by the big powers of this world, the ones denied the right to defend themselves. We call on human rights activists to have the courage to speak the truth to the power and support us in enforcing historical justice for the Polish victims of Hitlerism and Stalinism because the Polish lives matter too.

We also appeal to the people of goodwill to join us in this struggle for truth and justice.  The implementation of the propaganda tactics based on the infamous Goebbels’ premise that a lie repeated frequently enough becomes the truth contributed to the Holocaust of tens of millions of people, including several million Poles and Jews. Stop promoting lies to sow discord and hatred among the people. For the sake of humanity, stop this murderous madness now!



Symbol of the Polish Prisoners in Auschwitz
Symbol of Polish Prisoners in German Death and Concentration Camps


Polish Prisoner of German Death and Concentration Camp Auschwitz

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