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Where are we going?

Where are we going?     Julius Caesar

Marcus Antonius: I thrice presented him a kingly crown,  Which he did thrice refuse: was this ambition? Yet Brutus says he was ambitious;


Poles elected a Jew as the President, Aleksander Kwasniewski, and another as the Foreign minister, Bronislaw Geremek. Yet, the journalist Zacharia of CNN says Poland is anti-Semitic.

Antoni Macierewicz, current Polish Minister of National Defense, is dedicated to strengthening the Polish Armed Forces, and for forty-five years has been a declared and proven friend and ally of the United States. Again, the journalist, Fareed Zacharia of CNN says Poland is not a trustworthy ally in NATO.

Recently in Poland, a (well known) provocateur burned a hay figure (he said it was a Jew) during a patriotic demonstration of one of the opposition parties, which condemned the act.  Once again, Zacharia of CNN says Poland is anti-Semitic.

In the 1990s, the community of Polish-Americans collected nine million signatures supporting Poland’s accession to NATO. Still, Zacharia of CNN warned the US government against Poland joining NATO.

Starting in 2005, Polish troops fought in Iraq together with our troops and British, suffering losses. Relentless and constant, Zacharia comments that Poland is not a trustworthy ally of the United States.

Prior to November 2015, the previous Polish government of Zacharia’s friend – Mr. Sikorski – broke the law by nominating Constitution Tribunal judges “in-advance”, prior to the end of their term, and the new government is trying to correct the situation. This time, Mr. Zacharia is calling the new government’s act as anti-democratic.

Indeed, it is very noble to defend old friends, since they are known for obscene and vulgar language, as disclosed in the scandalous affair ridiculing Poland’s alliance with the United States. Where was Zacharia and his eagerness to comment, when his Polish friends knew only minutes after the April 10 2010 crash of Polish military plane that the Polish President Lech Kaczynski and 96 other leaders of Poland (including official delegate of Polish-American community) died tragically on Russian soil (in Smolensk) supposedly due to the pilot’s mistake. After Russians took the investigative matters into their own hands, and produced a report charging the Polish expert pilots, they were stealing money, wedding rings, telephones, computers, equipment, etc. the noble CNN reporter offered lip service to the Russian committee by blindly repeating the accusations. Hundreds of professionals, experts from around the world (including USA) ridiculed the so called Anodina/Miller Report. CNN’s reporter, Zacharia, did not bother to apologize for his own mistakes.

Mr. Zacharia and CNN do not appear to be “fans” of Poland, nor do they act in the best interest of our country either.

Past and Present – no commitment

Many experts in the US are trying to understand what is currently happening in Poland. Poland is a very homogenous nation, Roman Catholic, with a solid free-market economy. Even during communist times, there were places named after the US and our founding father, George Washington. When Germany and Soviet Russia invaded Poland, the world plunged into a mass, global war, which the US joined after being

attacked directly by Japan, in Pearl Harbor. The invasion of Poland happened in accord with the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, signed August 23, 1939. We, Americans knew about it even one week before, according to the memoirs of German diplomat, Hans Heinrich Herwarth von Bittenfeld, most decorated German by British Queen. Despite the bilateral agreement we had with Poland on national security issues, the US authorities decided not to take a stance. We did not even inform our Polish ally about the secret protocol and played naïve during Nuremburg Process. Poles fought as our comrades-in-arms till the very end of WWII. Together with them, we overthrew Communism. Together with Poland, we derailed the Soviet bloc. One could only speculate how much longer it would have taken us, without their help. Poland is a very faithful and trusting supporter of Pax Americana. It was Kaczynski who organized the political defense of Georgia by personally visiting its capital, together with four other presidents (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Ukraine) in front of Putin’s tanks heading for Tibilisi. The Russians shot at them.

Putin never forgave him for this action. Putin never forgave him for Poland’s victory over the Red Army in August 1920, when the Bolsheviks were storming through Eastern Europe, hoping to conquer the entire Continent. Putin also never forgave Lech Kaczynski for his remarks on the 70th anniversary of the start of WWII on 1-September-2009.

16 days later on the 70th anniversary of the Soviet invasion of Poland, the US government, namely President Barack Obama revoked the Shield Project, that intended to establish a sophisticated defense system for Poland and other East European nations. We abandoned them on a historically significant date. The revered CNN didn’t budge.


There is no room to list all scandals and affairs of the compromising government of Donald Tusk/Ewa Kopacz. The dissatisfaction of the Polish electorate is overwhelming. The party, Civic Platform (PO) lost all power in a landslide defeat (executive, upper and lower legislative houses). Both chambers of Parliament and the presidency went to the victorious Law and Justice (PiS) Party of the late President, Lech Kaczynski. The quality of power is visible with a naked eye. Andrzej Duda (the young President) with a PhD in constitutional law, fluent in English was in sync with our President Barack Obama, during a UN Summit in the fall. The new PiS government with Szydlo, Macierewicz, Waszczykowski, to name just a few, are proven friends of the United States.

Who does not like them?

Well, Russia, Germany, France.  Socialist Holland may not like Poland’s free-market approach. The Premier of the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg should keep his thoughts to himself rather than discuss Poland, requesting President Duda not to sign the corrective action taken by the Polish Parliament (Sejm) nullifying the previous government’s decisions regarding the Constitutional Tribunal. One should know that Polish parliamentarism is older than that of the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg. Germany is working with Russia (with no result) to withdraw Russian forces from Ukraine. They may even agree to conquer the entire country (with its pre-1939 border as per Radoslaw Sikorski’s revelations) by Russia.


Germany invited millions of Muslim refugees to enter the EU without even asking other countries for their opinion. Then Chancellor Merkel tried to super impose her will on other countries. Last year alone, two million Muslim migrants went through Turkey, Greece, former Yugoslavia to Hungry en route to Germany, France, UK, Sweden – one would say to Rich Western Europe. This incidence begs to mention that for Poland (38 million population) dealt with about one million refugees from Ukraine; any additional influx

would be unbearable for the fragile post-communist economy. When the vassal (to Germany) government of PO (Civic Platform) agreed on the idea, the Polish society rebelled and voted them out. The situation upset the Bundesrepublik. One who reads German newspapers would have no doubts. The behemoth, German economy would not object for the Polish (and other Eastern European) economy to be dependent on theirs, and complementary at best.  The Armed Forces of 500k, although needed for Poland, are very unwelcome. Strong military and economic ties with US are forbidden. One should remember that many German politicians and press want our military out, our bases to be closed. The concept and prospect of US bases in Poland is very foreign to them. They want Pax Americana to be replaced with Pax Germania.


The Putin regime wants the same. They want the US out of Europe, especially Central and Eastern Europe, their historic sphere of influence. Russia fought for 300 years to conquer Ukraine. Would she give it up now? With control over Ukraine they remain a superpower. Without the Ukraine, Russia is just a very powerful state with a lot of demographic problems. On top of that, they must control Poland to control Ukraine. Ukraine cannot have access to the free world, and according to the Russians, Poles are considered a free-spirited people, subversive by nature, against their might.

Between Russia and NATO

Especially now, we need to remember that the spirit of Rapallo is still alive. Putin spoke about the Versailles Treaty as an injustice done onto Germany. One should know, one of the political results of Versailles was the resurrection of the Polish state (and many other Eastern European nations). Although it wasn’t a favor to Poles, because they fought it out, but Hitler/German remarks were usually very derogatory regarding this turn of events.

This paper has no room for a complete analysis on the present situation in Poland reflected upon history, even recent one, but Poland as in “God’s Playground” (as Norman Davis described) is the territory, where large, very large national, international political and business interests meet, crash or exist.

American content

For us Americans, it is always a question of our honor, interests and values we share with the rest of the world. Do we want Pax Americana to be the foundation of peace in Europe? Do we care about the opinion of 13 million Americans of Polish descent? Do we care about law, justice, and liberty?

Written by C. Zawitkowski


Photo: www.usconcealedcarry.com

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