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Should we finance Grand Orchestra for Christmas Charity in Poland?

Should we finance the Grand Orchestra
of Christmas Charity in Poland?

Zbigniew Wojcik


The  initial need for the Grand Orchestra in Poland

The Grand Orchestra of Christmas Charity (Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy, or “WOŚP”) was established by Jerzy Owsiak in 1993, i.e. during the post-communist period in Poland when the most political power was still in the hands of communists while the Soviet Union was in total collapse.

The Grand Orchestra of Christmas Charity (WOŚP) was very much needed in Poland during that transition period because the communists were gradually switching from holding power with terror and fear into much milder methods, knowing that annihilated Soviet power most likely will not support them anymore.

Killing the unborn and the Grand Conductor

Poles were given the choice of celebrating Christmas in the church to adore the birth of baby Jesus or to lavishly honor the Grand Conductor, Jerzy Owsiak.  ‘On the one hand, Jerzy Owsiak wants to help newborns, on the other – he is in favor of the right to kill unborn children.  Should Catholics advocate saving sick children under the banner of a man who advocates killing those who are still unborn?‘ noted the Catholic paper, [1] pointing out that charity services have been also conducted by the church.

Our Grand Conductor, therefore, loudly promotes the mass killing of those who want to be born and have a holy right to do so. This attitude stands in direct conflict with our church, which promotes Jesus Christ, the one we expected and very much wanted to be born.

The political purpose of the Grand Orchestra

The use of the Grand Orchestra of Christmas Charity for political aims is evidenced by forcing people to take part in the activities of the Great Conductor.  ‘In some schools, lessons are canceled because children have to prepare for Jerzy Owsiak’s campaign.’ [1] Unclean methods are used to encourage people: ‘According to the Polish law – only adults may participate in collecting money. An exception is made for the Grand Orchestra of Christmas Charity.  Is the age of the volunteers with unsecured boxes of money sometimes a temptation, an encouragement to dishonesty?'[1]

The orchestra organizes Stay Island Woodstock, the largest rock concert in Poland.  ‘Eyewitnesses talk about drunken crowds swaying to the rhythm of heavy music, commonly available and used drugs, “wild sex”, etc. The most impressive are the images of naked bodies rolling in the mud.'[1] You can hear there ‘blasphemies against God and the Church.’[1]

The evidence of the strong political support of the post-communist power circles for the Grand Orchestra of Christmas Charity is abundant, for example, the list of numerous awards and distinctions that Jerzy Owsiak received in the post-communist period, e.g. Knight’s Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta, awarded in 1999 [2].

Destroying wonderful Polish heritage by the Grand Orchestra

‘For the representatives of left-liberal culture, the moral foundation of our homeland is not the insurgent tradition, Catholicism, the interwar period, or the myth of “Solidarity”.  In their opinion, our new ethical foundation should be the Orchestra or something similar.´ [1]

So the post-communists want to ‘ … perceive the Grand Orchestra of Christmas Charity as a child of a left-wing liberal culture that fights against a conservative-religious culture.  In February 2000, Roman Graczyk published an article in Gazeta Wyborcza entitled  “Democratic asceticism and its enemies.”  From the perspective of the Gazeta journalist, the national holidays of November 11 Independence Day, and May 3 Constitution Day are a dead tradition for today’s youth.  “Because although we are genuinely happy with the regained freedom – emphasizes Roman Graczyk – we can no longer express it in terms that would <<excite>> young people. And Owsiak, yes, he <<excites>>”. [1] To sum up, ‘The Great Orchestra is a clear example of the struggle of left-liberal culture with the traditional Polish ethos built based on national and religious values.  [1]

Where did Owsiak come from and what did he earn?

‘Jerzy Owsiak’s father, Zbigniew, was actually a colonel in the communist Civic Militia (MO), but his interests were often distant from “economic matters”.’[3] ‘According to the archives of the Institute of National Remembrance, he applied to work in the MO in 1945 at the age of 19, as he said – because he loved MO.’ [3]  ‘In the biographies, he wrote that he emphasized his negative attitude towards the clergy.  He considered clergy a “pest of a democratic state”’ [3] (i.e. the pest of communist Poland).

‘His wife (i.e. Jerzy’s mother) – Maria Owsiak – also worked at the MO’ [3], …  and later as an official of the provincial prosecutor’s office in Gdańsk.’ [3] ‘Zbigniew Owsiak emphasized that his wife’s parents are in the communist party.’

‘For 6 years, nearly 50 million zlotych to be shared by the Owsiak family!’  [4]  This income should now be multiplied by a number greater than 3. Owsiak’s pocket awaits your hard-earned money, which you will give him because of your stupidity or because of your unclean political obligations.



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