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Newsletter Poland-Current Issues

PI Newsletter – December 2023

Do Poland’s 19th-century partitions still influence elections today?

Poland to invest in US bases improvement



‘If Putin takes Ukraine, he won’t stop there’ – US president



Poland’s economy is accelerating; In November, Polish industry stood out positively against the weakening countries of the European Union



Poland’s top lawmaker, US envoy discuss energy, security; Poland’s parliamentary Speaker has met with the American ambassador to Warsaw and the two talked about security, energy policy, and international relations.



Polish army, Microsoft combat Russian hacker group

The Polish army has teamed up with US tech giant Microsoft to neutralize a Russia-sponsored hacker group that had obtained unauthorized access to email accounts within Microsoft Exchange servers



Poland prepares military response to militarization of Kaliningrad enclave



Give the Kremlin an Inch and it Will Take Half of Europe;  Signs of Western hesitation over support for Ukraine encourage Russian propagandists to speculate on which country might be the next victim.

>>Writer Dmitry Lekuh said that Poland is ‘the next candidate to be thrown under Russian tanks.’ He asserted that ‘dividing Poland between Russia and Germany is our national pastime.’<<



Poland’s new air hub should be a priority for NATO, says US expert



Poland honored by Ukraine’s Greek Catholic Church for helping refugees



Poland’s president swears in a government expected to last no longer than 14 days



Law and Justice’s spokesman still believes in success



Poland’s foreign minister has said that proposed changes to European Union treaties must not be adopted without discussion among member states. Poland leads NATO cyber defense exercise



Poland’s Tusk named most influential person in Europe by the Politico news service.



Volhynia and the Forgotten Massacre of the Second World War

By Norman Davies


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