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PI Newsletter #155



1.  ‘We were not informed’: New US-Australia defense pact eclipses EU’s Indo-Pacific pivot

On the very same day when the European Union was set to unveil a brand new strategy to expand its presence in the Indo-Pacific region, all eyes were on Washington and Paris instead of Brussels.

The timing of the announcement could hardly have been more unfortunate: merely hours before EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell stepped onto the European Commission’s press room to present the strategic paper on Thursday, the United States, surprised the world by launching a new defence pact with the United Kingdom and Australia under the collective name of “AUKUS”.

The three Anglophone countries made their intentions clear: they are determined to reinforce intelligence and military cooperation to counter Chinese assertiveness in the Indo-Pacific region.


2.  Belarus Floods EU with Migrants from Middle East

  • Thousands of migrants from Africa, Asia and the Middle East are pouring into the European Union from Belarus, a landlocked country in Eastern Europe. The surge in illegal immigration is being orchestrated by Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, who is accused of trying to blackmail the EU into reversing the sanctions it imposed over his disputed reelection and a crackdown on dissent.
  • While the EU — hampered by its ideological commitment to open borders — appears at a loss as to what to do next, Poland, Latvia and Lithuania are being forced to spend millions of euros to build fences along their borders with Belarus. An EU spokesman explained that Brussels “does not finance fences or barriers.”
  • Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis said that Belarus should be a concern not only for the Baltic countries or the EU, but for the “whole democratic world” which, he advised, “needs to wake up.”
  • “We firmly believe that the protection of European external border is not just the duty of individual Member States but also the common responsibility of the EU. Hence, proper political attention should be paid to it on the EU level and sufficient funding allocated.” — Joint statement issued by the prime ministers of Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
  • “Only a very clear and unified EU policy on returning irregular migrants can effectively prevent criminal groups and regimes from exploiting illegal migration for their own purposes. Europe’s message must be short and precise — those illegally entering the EU cannot be granted a refugee status and will be returned to their countries of origin.” — Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis.



3.  Fence along entire length of Polish-Belarusian border finished

Poland has completed the construction of a fence along the entire length of its border with Belarus, a project designed to protect both this country and the European Union against illegal migration.


4.  The Trial of Radoslaw Sikorski is Underway. Ordo Iuris Demands an Apology

Another trial against Radosław Sikorski took place at the District Court in Warsaw.

The politician accused the Ordo Iuris Institute of allegedly supporting the so-called “LGBT Free” zones. The Institute demands an apology from the MEP and payment of compensation for social purposes.

The case concerns an entry posted by Radosław Sikorski on social media. There, the politician commented on the actions taken by the Ordo Iuris Institute to defend the good name of local governments defamed by LGBT activists. The politician called the interventions of lawyers supporting “communes establishing LGBT Free Zones.” In fact, no local government decided to establish such a zone. Some local governments have only adopted positions of opposition to the promotion of “LGBT ideology” or passed the Local Government Charter of Family Rights, which does not address the issue of sexual preferences at all. Many local authorities have already taken legal action to protect their personal rights infringed upon by people suggesting the existence of “zones” as discrimination against people with a homosexual orientation. The second objection concerns Radosław Sikorski calling the Ordo Iuris Institute a “fundamentalist sect.”

“Ordo Iuris believes that Radosław Sikorski’s entry is a blatant violation of the Institute’s personal rights. The attribution of false activities and characteristics to the Foundation by the former Minister of Foreign Affairs harmed the good name and reputation of the Foundation, exposing it to image losses in the eyes of the public, necessary for the Institute’s scientific, educational, and social activities. There is no consent of the Institute to mislead the public in order to deliberately gain political capital. Therefore, in order to remove the consequences of violating the personal rights of Ordo Iuris, the Institute demands redress and an appropriate apology by the politician,” emphasized attorney-at-law Magdalena Majkowska from the Ordo Iuris Process Intervention Center.

The next hearing is scheduled for April 21, 2022.


5.  Harrowing artefacts of those exiled to Siberia go on show at new museum in Bialystok

The fate of Poles and other nationalities exiled to the depths of Russia is the subject of a new museum of ‘worldwide importance’.

The Sybir Memorial Museum in Białystok, which opens on the anniversary of the Soviet Union’s invasion of Poland on 17 September 1939, is the largest and most important institution dealing with deportations to Russia and later the Soviet Union



6.  A New Resolution, Important for Poland and Polish Americans, Introduced by Congressman Thomas R. Suozzi (D-NY)

A new resolution, important for Poland and Polish Americans, is soon to be introduced in the US House of Representatives by Congressman Thomas R. Suozzi (D-NY). It will commemorate the tragic history of Poland in the period of the Second World War, and help to invalidate false myths and narratives about the role of Poland and Poles in these events. It also emphasizes the strategic importance of Poland and its significance for the foreign policy of the USA.


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