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PI Newsletter #63

  1. Europe Lacks the Will to Defend Itself

by Bing West, in Strategika.

So the European Union could easily afford to match the United States in defense spending. The fact is the EU has no intention of doing so because it chooses to believe there is no credible threat. And if one does arise, well, there’s always America to stand in. That’s the way it’s been since 1945, and that’s the way Europe collectively sees the future.


  1. Why Are These Professional War Peddlers Still Around?

Pundits like Max Boot and Bill Kristol got everything after 9/11 wrong but are still considered “experts.”

Listed in one place, Boot’s many calls for U.S.-led war around the world come off as a parody of mindless warlike noises, something you might write if you got mad at a country while drunk. (“I’ll invade you!!!”) Republicans in Washington didn’t find any of it amusing. They were impressed. Boot became a top foreign policy adviser to John McCain’s presidential campaign in 2008, to Mitt Romney in 2012, and to Marco Rubio in 2016.


Under ordinary circumstances, Bill Kristol would be famous for being wrong. Kristol still goes on television regularly, but it’s not to apologize for the many demonstrably untrue things he’s said about the Middle East, or even to talk about foreign policy. Instead, Kristol goes on TV to attack Donald Trump.


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