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PI Newsletter #152



1.  Hungary warns it could quit the EU in furious attack at Brussels

EU news Viktor Orban Ursula von der Leyen

Hungary could quit the European Union before the end of the decade once it becomes a net contributor to the block’s budget, according to the country’s finance minister.



2.  EU to impose “climate taxes” on EU citizens while increasing private jet budget for EU officials.


The EU commission has announced  that they plan to make Europe the first “climate neutral continent” in the world. How do the EUrocrats plan on doing this? By introducing new indirect taxes on the people of Europe, forcing them to pay more for everything from the food they eat, the car they drive and going on a holiday. The commission wants to introduce a “carbon border adjustment mechanism“, which can be described as an environmental tax. It would place tariffs on all goods and materials coming from outside Europe, thus raising the prices of basically everything in Europe.

The EU also plans to force EU businesses to pay a “carbon adjustment” for importing goods from outside the bloc.


3. Biden Administration “Surrenders” to Germany on Russian Gas Pipeline

  • “The project creates conditions for Russia’s escalation of military aggression against Ukraine, as well as the continuation of a hybrid war against the EU and NATO…. This Russian pipeline threatens the national security not only of Ukraine, but also of all of Europe.” — Ukrainian Parliament, July 21, 2021.
  • “The U.S.-German deal is embarrassingly weak. It relies on a vague assurance that after Putin ramps up the blackmail enabled by the deal, Germany will take unspecified actions in response…. Overall, Biden handed Putin the biggest gift he’s received in years. He also signaled to Putin that when push comes to shove, the American president is weak and will bow to political pressure.” — U.S. Senator Ted Cruz, Washington Examiner, July 22, 2021.
  • “Remarkably, Washington agreed to end its opposition to the project without any recognizable benefit in exchange: Merkel has neither promised increased engagement for NATO nor more clarity about China. The compromise between Biden and Merkel is not a compromise at all, but an American capitulation.” — Robin Alexander, Die Welt, July 21, 2021.



4.  Lithuania begins sending illegal migrant back to Belarus

“The Lithuanian border must be protected from illegal crossings by any legal means necessary,” says Lithuanian deputy minister of the interior

Lithuania begins sending illegal migrants back to Belarus


5.  Is This What’s Really Behind The War on Home-Ownership

The incipient “Great Reset” is a multi-faceted beast. We talk a lot about vaccine passports and lockdowns and the Covid-realated aspects – and we should – but there’s more to it than that.

Remember, they want you to “own nothing and be happy”. And right at the top of the list of things you definitely shouldn’t own, is your own home.

The headlines about this have been steady for the last few years, but it has picked up pace in the wake of the “pandemic” (as has so much else). An agenda hidden on back pages, behind by Covid’s meaningless big red numbers, but perhaps no less sinister.

You can find articles all over the net talking up renting over owning.


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