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POLAND BREAKING NEWS. Opposition plans to enter and occupy Parliament.

KOD militants, burning tires and use of barricades are planned by Opposition to occupy Parliament building.

Fot. PAP/Paweł Supernak
Fot. PAP/Paweł Supernak


Information revealed by various sources within the Opposition has increasingly troublesome signals. It paints a terrifying picture of destabilization of the country and undermining of the 2015 election results through the use of violence.

Have you read Broniatowski’s advice on how to arrange a Maidan and take over power? In that case you probably now understand why the opposition wishes so adamantly to open the Parliament to reporters and other guests. They wish to allow militants to enter the building, engage in destruction, overthrow the Parliament Guard, set fire to tires in the courtyard, and turn the building into an impermeable fortress with continuous media coverage from within.

— in the words of a sympathizer of the Opposition, who, at the same time, remains terrified by the planned violent possession of power. Other sources confirm this scenario. Based on our conversations, the operation would ensue as follows:

1. Sejm officials allow reporters to enter the building. Politicians of the Opposition covertly bring in KOD militants – all under the guise of increasing détente and dialogue.

2. This group is sizeable enough to open the doors for the remaining forces to enter, most likely from the western side using the Sejm Hotel entry, near which KOD militants are maintaining permanent posts. Collaborating media transmits everything.

3. The occupation begins, followed by the construction of barricades, burning of tires, provocation of riots, perhaps with the use of firearms. The main force is to be comprised of left wing extremists associated with the organization Antifa, along with those from abroad, and former – but extremely determined these days – secret service.

4. According to our sources, supplies necessary to create a burning fortress of the Parliament building are in place: the Opposition has accumulated gasoline, tires, trucks, and food stockpiles. The allegedly spontaneous demonstrations on Friday were prepared in a similar manner.

5. Long-term occupation and provocation of violence would force the concession of the ruling party and result in pre-term elections.

It is noteworthy that politicians of the Opposition unsuccessfully attempted to enter the office of the Sejm Marshall and take over part of the building on Friday night.

And a second observation: this plan of action has been recommended to the Opposition by its sympathizer, Michał Broniatowski, the editor of the monthly Forbes, who helped carry out the Kiev Maidan.

In his words, there are two conditions for the success of the whole operation: there need to be casualties; and a key building must be occupied, one that can be defended for a length of time. The Parliament building complex, due to the relatively poor security (compared with the Prime Minister’s Office or the Presidential Palace) is ideal for this purpose.

By: wpolityce.pl team

From: http://wpolityce.pl/polityka/319931-ujawniamy-opozycja-planuje-wprowadzenie-do-sejmu-bojowkarzy-kod-i-rozpoczecie-okupacji-gmachu-z-paleniem-opon-i-barykadami


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