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Why USA, why Trump?

Tomasz Sakiewicz, Gazeta Polska

Although for some Poles the most important event of the last few weeks was the teachers’ strike, our nation’s security remains the most important issue and must not be left out.

The announcement of the arrival of President Donald Trump to Poland on the 80th anniversary of the outbreak of World War II shows the importance of Poland in America’s foreign affairs. Subsequently we should not rush to display an excessive pride or elation, but let’s be mindful of the role Poland plays in the security system of the United States.

After 60 years of German and Soviet occupations Poland regained her independence thirty years ago. Since then two generations have passed that did not see a great war. It is increasingly difficult for Poles to imagine that the fate of their parents, or for most people, grandparents, could be repeated.

However, it is enough to travel past Poland’s eastern border, to the former city of Królewiec, to see numerous Russian divisions preparing an attack on our country. Hidden dozens of rockets with nuclear weapons aim at various places in Poland. A full-scale Russian attack on Poland would end with an even larger bloodshed than World War II.

Is it real? Not today, but if we make mistakes like Ukraine or Georgia, we will be victims of Russian expansion soon. Is it possible for Poland to defend herself? We should do everything feasible to be able to do it. But over the next few years it is not possible to build an army comparable to the army of a potential aggressor, even with our maximum effort.

Therefore, the international security system is so important to Poland. Our membership in NATO, and also in the EU, discourages the potential aggressor from attacking us. However, in the event of a serious crisis, this may not be enough. A crucial element of Poland’s security is the presence of significant US military forces in our country. It is the most important task of our generation. Of course, we pay a lot of money for it, but security is not measured only with money. We also sometimes have to make concessions that we do not like, but over time they will diminish, and our position will grow stronger.

The attempt to provoke a crunch with the US under various pretexts is in fact a continuation of the policy of Donald Tusk and Radosław Sikorski. The only difference is that they did it (and still do) for the benefit of Berlin, and the native Moczar-ites in favor of Moscow. The pretexts are different, but if the policy succeeds, the effect will be the same: Poland’s military loneliness.

The matter is difficult because there is no certainty that the successor of Donald Trump will continue his policies. What we will do now, will hopefully stay. What we will not do, likely will never happen. The time is short, and the future generations will pay for our wasted opportunities. Today Poland is not threatened by politically shaken Ukraine. We are not about to be dispossessed of anything by the leftist Jewish organizations in the USA or quarreling political parties in Israel. The real threat is in the East, about a dozen minutes of rocket flight to Warsaw, or a dozen hours of ambush by armored columns. Let’s look at the map and let’s not be deceived by fools and traitors.

From the weekly “Gazeta Polska” nr. 17; date: 04/24/2019.

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