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PI Newsletter February 2024


Make no mistake, Germany is attempting to thwart Poland’s sovereignty and future prosperity – and Tusk’s government is playing along.



Poland and the Demon in Democracy; https://theupheaval.substack.com/p/poland-and-the-demon-in-democracy


‘Poland recognizes Ukraine’s independence, Crimea included’ – country’s officials reassure; https://www.polskieradio.pl/395/9766/Artykul/3329654


EU leaders agree on Ukraine aid; https://www.polskieradio.pl/395/7991/Artykul/3328094


Abrams tanks and crews – ready for military service



Poland supports the EUR 20 billion EU military aid to Ukraine;  https://www.polskieradio.pl/395/7785/Artykul/3329403


Polish, Canadian FMs discuss Ukraine war; https://www.polskieradio.pl/395/9766/Artykul/3327787


Containing Russia, Securing Europe; Russia is at war with the West and its invasion of Ukraine has reshaped the geopolitical map. How can the West contain Russia’s ambitions and bolster European security?



For Europe and NATO, a Russian Invasion Is No Longer Unthinkable; Amid crumbling U.S. support for Ukraine and Donald Trump’s rising candidacy, European nations and NATO are making plans to take on Russia by themselves.



Code Red: How Russia Conquers the Baltics; What would Russia’s war on NATO look like? This is how the Kremlin’s generals might do it. https://cepa.org/article/code-red-how-russia-conquers-the-baltics/


Polish FM in Berlin asks Germany to ‘think creatively’ about redress for WWII losses




European Commission faces backlash over Holocaust remembrance video



Poland protests error in a social media post by EU chief suggesting Auschwitz death camp was Polish EU Commission changes social media post about Auschwitz after protests from Poland



Europhile Donald Tusk accused of ‘putting democracy and freedom in danger’ in Poland



Polish culture ministry produces a blacklist of organizations and media



Two former ministers jailed in Poland: was it justice or political revenge?


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