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PI Newsletter – November 2023

Putin won’t stop if he takes Ukraine, Pentagon chief warns
Polish defense minister, US counterpart discuss military cooperation
Proposed EU treaty changes undermine Poland’s sovereignty: conservative
President criticizes opposition;
An interview Andrzej Duda gave to the weekly Sieci foreshadows a
cold war between the president and the new parliamentary majority.
Prime Minister still trying to form a cabinet
Contrary to parliamentary arithmetic, Mateusz Morawiecki assures that he will try
to maintain power and present a new government.
Poland’s PM-designate struggles to form new gov’t as opposition prepares to take
Why Europe is rearming: It isn’t just about Russia.
Polish PM to unveil new Cabinet within two weeks
Polish PM-designate seeks coalition gov’t with parts of opposition
The president delivered a message at the inauguration of parliament
At the first session of the 10th-term Sejm, Andrzej Duda announced that he is
committed to good cooperation with the new parliament and government, but
will use his prerogatives as head of state if there are problems with the proposed
The President’s move…
Poland to produce radar components for US Patriot missile system
Polish inventor wins humanitarian award
In Search of Texas’s Hidden Polish Heritage

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