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Bleating Globalist Media Lies (Again) Regarding Poland & Its Independence Day March

Matthew Tyrmand

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On November 11th 60-70,000 Poles took to the main thoroughfares of Warsaw to march in celebration of the 99th year of Polish independence. The mainstream western press, with global reach, painted this as a march in support of neo-Nazism and fascism which was beyond ridiculous and a bad-faith fallacious smear of the lowest order.

By some counts there were a few hundred far right nationalists in the mix that were of the would-be fascist variety (and this might be a worry if they had any standing in society, which, in Poland today, they do not).  This is an exceedingly small fringe – the same as in America typified by Richard Spencer, the American progenitor of white ethno-nationalism, and his merry band of frustrated young white male belligerents.

Spencer was supposed to attend and do other events this same week in Warsaw but when this correspondent alerted the government of this plan (which would be used as a cudgel by this same biased coercive media complex to “prove” these same false allegations) the Polish Foreign Ministry made an emphatic condemnation which showed to him how unwelcome he is.

One can only assume that Spencer believed what the well proven compromised liar Anne Applebaum (married to the former Foreign Minister of the now-opposition party, Radosław Sikorski, whose party was cleanly booted out of power due to their brazen corruption, clearly exposed during the infamous “Afera Taśmowa” hidden tapes scandal, a fact woefully undisclosed in her reportage of Poland for many years) was writing in her bi-weekly Washington Post column, was an honest depiction of what the Polish ruling government’s prevailing philosophy is. He must have believed this government to be his kind of people, but their condemnation of his appearance in Poland showed him otherwise and he cancelled his trip. This clearly demonstrated the government’s stance on this ethno-nationalist movement, but regardless the global press was thrilled they had some bona fide fascists to film and thusly provide grist to their fraudulent assertion that conservative rightward leaning Eurosceptic governments, trying to defend their nation state sovereignty, a reasonable zeitgeist to have given history in the region, really are nothing but fascist neo-Nazi types.

This frame was put out there despite that of the 60 or so banners captured on film, only a small handful (3-6) were of the kind that would qualify as racial incitement according to many European nations’ hate speech laws. There were many more focused on anti-communism and even Ukrainian independence and nationalism. Most of the nationalist groups that were smeared as ethno-nationalists who were part of the organizing coalition even put out a statement in favor of a brand of nationalism that eschews ethno-nationalism and racially-based societal organization. This inconvenient truth was also ignored by the globalist purveyors of lies who abhor Poland’s success at clawing back its nation-state sovereignty with an honest electoral mandate delivered by its citizens in recent elections.

The smearing of the 95+ percent of attendees who were pro Polish Independence Day marchers who are good, honest, patriotic, educated, hard-working, religious, and family-centric citizens is the broken egg that helps this fake news machine make its omelet. The ends justify the means to them. Hillary Clinton’s former spokesman called it 60,000 Nazis marching. CNN said Nazis disrupted this event which did not happen in any way big or small (the only ones that were the cause of real disruption were the small Antifa leftist Marxist agitprop contingent who were swiftly contained).

The Independent, the AP, as well as Drew Hinshaw from the WSJ followed this frame to a tee (Hinshaw has already walked back a lot of how he colored the event on social media after being attacked for the fallaciousness of it all). When one young Pole marching was quoted as saying “of course there are fascists here” it was not an endorsement or an acceptance of a vile viewpoint, it was merely to show that there will always be a few around and that Poles believe in free speech and plural society even as they reject these groups and their views.

This rejection is also shared by the Polish government with President Duda making a visible statement of condemnation of the segments that so offended most Poles’ sensibilities. Most in this government are highly philo-Semitic (recognizing Polish and Jewish history and culture are intertwined) and well more Zionistic than their counterparts in “progressive” Western Europe.

When figures in the Warsaw city government were quoted it was also to serve an agenda, the city government is comprised of members of the party (PO-Civic Platform, the same party as Donald Tusk and Anne Applebaum’s loser husband) that was turfed out for widely perceived and generally accepted corruption and the current mayor has been called to account for her role in a suspected real estate corruption scheme where she directed communist nationalized real estate, that should have been restituted to Poles and Jews, to her friends and politicians in their party.

When Mariusz Blaszczak, the Interior Minister, says the sea of Polish flags visible is a beautiful sight this is not an endorsement of fringe fascism but a sentiment shared by all patriotic Poles as many Poles bled and died to be able to march in Warsaw in freedom.

To the global media cohort, a sea of flags (unless rainbow flags or the flags of supra-national governance bodies such as the EU or the UN) is a “triggering” sight that makes them cower and shout “Nazis!” and “Fascists!”  These people lie, cheat, and coerce and their bleating is not to be trusted. But these days, most honest people acting in good faith know this already.



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