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Letters to European Parliament

Open Letter to Members of the European Parliament                January 9, 2016

Response to Attacks on Democratically Elected Polish President and Parliament

The Polish American Congress, Long Island Division is increasingly concerned with the false accusations  directed at the recent, democratically elected, Polish government.

In the past foreign powers interfered in Poland’s internal affairs and its sovereignty which resulted in Poland being partitioned by Austria, Prussia and Russia. Also, the alliance of Germany and Russia encouraged Hitler to attack Poland and begin WWII. More recently, the Yalta Agreement between Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin enslaved Central Europe, including East Germany.

The European Union did not react to the Russian-German Nord Stream II gas pipeline agreement that violated European solidarity. Also ignored is the tragic migration crisis. But, interference in Poland’s internal affairs is being considered.

Poland’s internal reforms are OUTSIDE THE SCOPE of EU law, and fall under its observance of national  interests and are within the existing constitutional framework. The internal reforms are necessitated by years of corrupt rule of the previous government and the post communist oligarchy.

Mass media allegations against Poland are orchestrated by those interested in manipulating public opinion to sustain a neo-colonial status of Poland.

We hope the January 13 and 19 European Commission and European Parliament meetings openly debate “the political situation” in Poland and result in a cessation of attacks on the democratically elected Polish President and Parliament.


Grzegorz Worwa, 
President, Polish American Congress, Long Island, New York Division

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