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III Republic Poland's History

Would you finally stop the Lies!

This is my appeal to the leaders of the III Republic.


It is also and perhaps above all, through your lies that the Myth of Wałęsa is collapsing in ruins.

The documents seized from Kiszczak’s residence are the final straw. They only provided the tangible evidence of what was known for a long time. For example that Wałęsa was the communist Secret Services paid collaborator “Bolek”. I don’t intend to remind how you were reacting to these allegations when the evidence was not on a table, as it is today.

I remember the bashing of Cenckiewicz and Gontarczyk, who, in 2008, using documents available at the time, explicitly detailed the situation. At that time, you also forcefully and collectively backed Wałęsa. Only then, you were not en masse shouting that you knew what Wałęsa had been doing in 1970. You would not allow your conscience to admit that Wałęsa could be a paid informant to Communist government, betraying his colleagues. We just need to recall the words of (then Prime Minister) Tusk from that time.

Would you finally stop the lies and treachery that nothing happened. Stop the newspeak, pretending that Wałęsa’s collaboration was an “incident” in his biography. Do you even know the definition of this word?

By no means do I intend to nullify Wałęsa’s deeds during the first Solidarity movement. He was our LEADER. He stood at the head of a 10 million strong social movement that catalyzed the structural changes in Poland. Yet, at the same time, I cannot intentionally support his buffoonery, when he spouts “I alone overthrew communism, I did it with my own two hands.” With all due respect, alone, he could have only “done” a bottle of vodka. Wałęsa would never have received the Nobel Prize, had he not been backed by 10 million people, who demanded to reclaim their DIGNITY! This number includes you, you who now fiercely conceal his sins.

Stop spreading lies that Wałęsa is most ferociously attacked by those, who didn’t have the courage to fight against communism. The names of Wyszkowski, Gwiadza, or for that matter Macierewicz are more than enough to prove otherwise. These people fought the system long before anyone had even heard of Wałęsa. And not only them! Wałęsa is criticized by several less known activists and members of the NSZZ (Solidarity). This includes people who paid a high price for refusing to collaborate with the communists.

If somehow however we assume that his actions in the 70s can be justified, how can one explain the cleaning out of the “Bolek” file in the 90s by the incumbent President Wałęsa? This was a criminal act, not one to be subject to moral evaluation, but legal prosecution. Do you defend this as well? Would you uphold all the lies Wałęsa presented about “Bolek” after 1992? Do you intend to back all the false statements he made in his official lustration declaration? Do you intend to uphold the vile comments he made to Wyszkowski, Cenckiewicz, Gontarczyk, and others who accused him of collaboration with the communists?

Do not lie that we are a free, democratic country. How, in a democratic country, can a former chief of secret police keep, in his house, records incriminating the leader of the movement that overthrew said chief’s regime? Do you really not see anything bizarre here?

You have introduced the venom of lies into the social sphere, and it is poisoning our public life. You have created the Myth of Wałęsa only to protect your own interests and privileges. It is also and perhaps above all, through your lies that the Myth of Wałęsa is collapsing in ruins. It is happening despite your excuses, and the condoning of cruelty, which Wałęsa allowed himself throughout most of his life, including his recent statements about former colleagues, who did not deserve to be spied upon.

Thus, I appeal to you, though I am almost certain that my words will fall on a deaf ear, to allow Wałęsa to confess his errors. Do not protect him, or any others who collaborated with the communist regime. I beg you to allow revealing the truth finally about the difficult communist era, as well as about the last 26 years.

Just stop the lies and the relativism – that will be enough. This is all I ask. This is all I plea to you!

Paweł Piekarz



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