PI Newsletter #72

  1. Persecution of Christians is modern-day ‘genocide’ says report as Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt blames failure to confront the oppression of world’s most targeted faith group on ‘political correctness’

Christians are ‘by far the most persecuted’ religious group and are enduring what amounts to genocide in some parts of the world, a report concluded.

They are being driven out of the Middle East in a modern-day exodus that means the religion could be wiped out in parts ‘where its roots go back furthest’, the study commissioned by the Foreign Office found.

And the report by the Bishop of Truro, the Right Rev Philip Mounstephen, found ‘shocking’ evidence that the persecution is worse today than ever.


  1. Sweden: Christian Migrants Repeatedly Attacked by Muslim Migrants Fear Civil Was Will Break Out in The Country

“At one point they say they will do the same to us in Sweden as they did in the Middle East. A genocide has been carried out in the Middle East against Christians. We have fled these grouping to Sweden, but the have caught up with us here”, the spokesperson said.

  1. What does Steve Bannon want with this Italian monastery? Inside his fledgling school for populism

“Mr. Bannon said the project will try to replicate what the left has done in creating institutions to promote the liberal economic and social agenda. “It’s one of the reasons I so admire what the Left has done,” he says. “This is the stuff that [liberal democrat billionaire] George Soros has done in his training academies. They have done a much better job than people on the Right. People of the Right are so focused on immediate returns that they don’t make these long-term investments.”

“Generally speaking, Europe’s populist parties are right-wing, anti-migrant, euroskeptic and nationalistic. Some have been accused of blatant racism. They believe the EU and its institutions are power-mad and undemocratic. They asset the power of “the people” over the entrenched “power of the elites.” They are convinced that open borders would trigger a migrant “invasion” that would threaten traditional western values. They are not convinced that free trade benefits anyone but the wealthy and their corporations. The populists want a “Europe of Nations”: that is, a loosely associated group of sovereign countries that are wary of multilateralism. Ms. Le Pen has said “I don’t want this European Soviet Union.”

  1. Barriers Against Barbarism

Frye, who did archaeological research on Hadrian’s Wall in Britain, argues that historians have long systematically underestimated the importance of walls. He compares this myopia to how anthropologists before Napoleon Chagnon’s The Fierce People and Lawrence H. Keeley’s War Before Civilization: the Myth of the Peaceful Savage were naive about the centrality of violence in prehistory.
Frye retells the history of the world up through 1453 as a conflict between the barbaric warriors of the wasteland and the civilized wall-builders: “How important have walls been in the history of civilization? Few Civilized peoples have ever lived outside them.”

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