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The bribery mafia in the European Parlament behind blocking funds for Poland

Shocking findings – decisions of the  European Parliament bought by bribes!

The bribery mafia co-created a mechanism that blocks funds for Poland

The bribery mafia, linked to the Qatari, Moroccan and Russian services, created, or at least co-created, the conditionality mechanism that led to Poland’s money being withheld by the European Union when war broke out in Ukraine. Poland is Ukraine’s main supporter while Germany refuses to help.  This shocking thesis was presented based on incoming reports of corruption in the European Parliament. The shocking findings were presented on Polish TV Republika by a member of the European Parliament Dominik Tarczyński.

Almost daily, new findings come to light in a complex and wide-ranging corruption and espionage scandal in the European Parliament. MP Dominik Tarczyński is collecting materials that may indicate that some of the MEPs involved in the corruption scandal took part in the attacks on Poland in the EP that have been ongoing for the last few years.

In recent days, the Spanish media in a series of publications have become interested in Juan Fernando Lopez Aguilar, the chairman of the European parliamentary LIBE committee from which most drafts of anti-Polish resolutions originated in recent years. Videos have been released showing the scene where this committee voted on the waiver of visas for Qatari, then adjourned, and the video shows how Eva Kaili and Mark Tarabella – the main characters of the scandal – approached Aguilar and – presumably – gave him instructions. 

The next day, shocking footage was released from the committee led by Mr. Aguilar. He is well-known in Poland as one of the most involved in anti-Polish actions in the European Parliament. It was Lopez Aguilar who asked during a meeting with the Polish opposition what “we can still do”, as he put it “to overthrow the Polish government”, and Radosław Sikorski then drew his attention to “Polish journalists” present in the room (as a warning not to speak publically about this matter) – Dominik Tarczyński explained today on TV Republika.

All materials published by foreign media in connection with the corruption scandal in the European Parliament point to the socialist milieu, one of the most involved in attacks on Poland. Tarczyński pointed out that Francesco Giorgi, the partner of the arrested Eva Kaila, in 2020 announced the mechanism of conditionality, linking the rule of law with financing, as a great success of the socialist faction in the European Parliament. The draft of the conditionality mechanism passed through the LIBE committee headed by the aforementioned Lopez Aguilar. 

In the past, Giorgi was an assistant to Panzeri, a former MEP who admitted to investigators that he was the head of a group organizing corruption. One of those involved in the case is also MEP Mark Tarabella, who is accused of accepting 140,000 euros for the resolution against Algeria. This shows that there were not only pro-Qatari or pro-Moroccan actions but also anti-Algerian actions, there were also anti-state actions being purchased by the outside forces. Hence, it can be assumed that if people took part in attacks on Poland, they took money for these attacks. 

said the Polish MEP.

Dominik Tarczyński pointed out that the resolution on the mechanism of linking the rule of law with financing had a provision that NGOs were to be excluded from this rule. 

This was announced despite the fact that Panzeri’s organizations where Giorgi worked are suspected of money laundering. These organizations announced as a success the resolution that secured funding for the organization, he added. The MEP also drew attention to the Pegasus Investigating Committee, consisting, among others, Eva Kaili, Mark Tarabella, and Maria Arena. 

They fought against the right of the Polish secret services to have mechanisms such as Pegasus thanks to which they themselves were caught and detained.

We must not be naive and look at these facts as merely “Qatargate” or “Moroccogate” – this is “Russiagate.” Strange information appeared after Russia spent 300 million euros on lobbying. Putin’s daughter Got married in Morocco. When we start to wonder where Morocco got this briberry money [referred to in the EP corruption case], all threads will lead to Russia overnight.

Tarczynski said.

The bribery mafia, linked to the Qatari, Moroccan and Russian services, created or at least co-created the conditionality mechanism that led to Poland’s money being blocked when war broke out in Ukraine. Poland is Ukraine’s main supporter, and Germany refuses to help. A bribery mafia puts up a blockade at the back. Can this be summed up? 

There is no other way to sum it up, these are the facts,

he added.

Earlier, Dominik Tarczyński showed documents confirming transfers of huge amounts in a corruption case in the European Parliament. Millions of dollars in suitcases went to former EP vice-president Eva Kaili and her family, as well as to other politicians. What all these people have in common is that they either initiated attacks against Poland or directly wrote (mostly unsubstantiated) reports against Poland.

Recently, the EP held a debate on the corruption scandal, the background of which is lobbying for Qatar and Morocco. A request for a debate was made by several political groups in the EP. The corruption scandal erupted in December 2023 with the arrest of EP vice-president, Greek socialist Eva Kaili, who is accused of taking huge bribes from Qatar. Her lawyer, Michalis Dimitrakopoulus, said in December that the defense had requested that she testify using electronic surveillance, but the prosecution refused this request. As a result, Kaili will remain in pre-trial detention in Belgium until at least the end of January 22.

At the same time, the investigation into her case is ongoing in Greece, where she also faces imprisonment. If Kaili is found guilty in Greece, the sentence handed down by the national judicial authority is likely to be more severe than that in Belgium, where the penalties for this type of crime are lenient – between 3 and 5 years in prison. In her home country, she faces 15 years in prison. In Greece, Kaili is, among others, under the scrutiny of the money laundering office. The investigation into her case is to determine whether she imported undeclared funds from abroad and invested them in Greece, mainly in real estate.

Kaili is not the only negative protagonist of the corruption scandal in the EP. Her family and friends are also involved in the case. Pier Antonio Panzeri, a former Italian MEP, is also in custody. He is the founder of the non-governmental organization “Fight Impunity.” He was also charged in connection with a corruption scandal. Panzeri’s application for release from prison was also postponed until January 26.

MEP Mark Tarabella is vice-chairman of the EP delegation for relations with the Arabian Peninsula. His house was searched by the Belgian police. He suspended his membership in the Socialists and Democrats group. In early January, the President of the European Parliament, Roberta Metsola, launched an urgent procedure to lift the immunity of two MEPs at the request of the Belgian judicial authorities. It’s about Andrea Cozzolino and Tarabella.

The bribery scandal in the European Parliament is developing. Stay tuned.

The original article in Polish was published here:  https://niezalezna.pl/472331-szokujace-ustalenia-ws-afery-korupcyjnej-w-pe-mafia-lapowkarska-wspoltworzyla-mechanizm-ktory-blokuje-srodki-dla-polski-wideo

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