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The Visit of President Donald Trump in Poland

Walter Wiesław Gołębiewski

The visit of Donald Trump in Poland was a marvelous success both for the United States and Poland. It was beyond a doubt a breakthrough – on the political stage of our two nations, where after decades of mandatory “political correctness“ – a new kind of President appears – Who in the very epicenter of Europe , during an official visit – declares the truth about Polish history – so frequently lied about by others, our value system, our God, about our Pope and our national pride, our fight for freedom and independence.

This speech by Donald Trump on Krasinski Square July 6th , 2017 will make the history books both in Poland and the United States. Never ever has a President of the world’s super power , the United States – spoken so formidably and wonderfully about Poland and Poles.

I take the liberty to submit just a few statements of Donald Trump from that excellent speech :

  • Your nation is proud and great for great is your spirit in the defense of freedom and independence
  • You have always protected our Western civilization, for example, / 1920 / the Polish Spirit – the spirit of Europe
  • Poland – a Nation of mighty heroes. There was a period in your history when You lost your territory, but you never for took your spirit and national pride
  • The teaching of Pope John Paul II is his contribution to the reclaiming of independence – We want God
  • We have many mutual heroes in the struggle for freedom of United States and Poland
  • 1944 Warsaw Uprising is an expression of heroism and Polish national pride
  • May God Bless Poland and the Polish people
  • The history of Poland is the history of people who could never be broken and who never forgot who they are, declared President Trump to the applause of crowds at Krasinski Square in Warsaw. President Trump personally greeted the few remaining Warsaw Uprising veterans who were present during his presentation.

It has been a long time since a speech so natural, wonderful and true presented by a politician of the rank of President, was heard by the world, in particular by those concerned, namely Poles, Americans and all of Europe.

For many it was a political shock following years of political correctness – where indeed national independence aspirations and ambitions, faith in God, historical truth so discomforting for liberalism – were all eliminated. This speech will be, I hope, a turning point on the political stage, both in Poland and the United States, on the road back to fundamental values of Western civilization which were: freedom and independence of nations and countries, the freedom of religion, the natural family and preservation of human rights.

Socio-cultural world globalization proposed for years by leftist liberal politicians – is an ideology damaging to our professed values and to our nations. The parliamentary and presidential elections, held in Poland – 2015 and presidential elections held in 2016 – USA changed the character of political-economic reality in our respective countries.

Concern, care for security and the well-being of one’s nation and citizen is achieving priority status, not sick ideologies: political correctness, genderism, economic-cultural world globalization. On this short trip President Donald Trump met with President Duda Ph.D. and partook in the Inauguration of the Three Seas Initiative Summit.

This initiative of 12 European Union countries aims to build oil and gas supply independence from one exclusive supplier, that is Russia. Donald Trump said at this Summit that the United States stands ready to widen energy cooperation with this region of the European Union and guarantee access to energy resources, so that Poland and her neighbors would not be dependant on one solitary energy provider.

In terms of NATO President Trump thanked Poland for welcoming American troops on our soil and he confirmed obligations that stem from Art.5 about common defense security for all NATO members in time of the threat of war.

During this Polish visit, Donald Trump repeated over and over again, that Poland and United States are examples of countries and nations who are not afraid and have the courage to defend our Western civilization.

At each juncture of this visit, gathering Polish crowds enthusiastically cheered President Donald Trump.

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