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Response to Traub

Ursula Oleksyn

It is hard to take Mr. Traub seriously any more. With a long history of hit pieces and ridiculously arrogant statements in leftist publications, Mr. Traub has established himself as a typical, predictable “progressive”. with a myopic sense of superiority. For example, Mr. Traub chose the following title for the Foreign Policy piece on June 28, 2016: It’s Time the Elites to Rise Up Against the Ignorant Masses; The Brexit has laid bare the political schism of our time. It’s not about the left vs. the right; it’s about the sane vs. the mindlessly angry.” This arrogant sense of superior wisdom with the actual blissful unawareness of the reality around him comes across as comical albeit upsetting. If Mr. Traub and all other “progressive” intellectuals could keep their arrogance in check, they would see that in all of history it’s the left that has produced destruction, misery, and disastrous tyranny. They would also see, that now again we are witnessing mayhem in the “progressive“ European Union caused by arrogant individuals like himself. But then, they would have to swallow their pride and admit being wrong. It’s easier to demonize those who prove them wrong, again. To him all those who are trying to save themselves from the destruction resulting from the implementation of “progressive” ideas are “mindless”, unjustifiably “angry” and not sane, unlike he and those like him, who know better. If a country, a political party, or demos (as in democracy) want to turn away from those evidently destructive ideas, in Mr. Traub’s eyes it could only be a sign of insanity. If citizens in Europe want to place more value on traditional family, Christian religion, unifying culture, they must be simply angry and therefore misguided. It’s behavior typical of the left. In communist countries behind the Iron Curtain, when everything was falling apart, it was blamed on the weather, incompetent workers, western infiltration, enemies of the only right political system, etc., never the ideology.

Mr. Traub has thrown numerous verbal grenades at Hungary, one of the European countries wanting to save itself from destruction brought upon Western European countries by the “progressive” elites in power. He made it abundantly clear what a dangerous enemy Hungary is in the numerous articles like “the regression of Viktor Orban,” “The Fearmonger of Budapest,” “It’s Getting Ugly in Hungary,” “Is Hungary’s Leader Giving Up on Europe?,” and “Viktor Orban Wades into Hungary’s Dark Waters”.

Another serious threat in the eyes of Mr. Traub is Poland. As had to be expected from someone with the above outlined mindset, his article in New York Times on November 2, 2016 entitled “The Party That Wants to Make Poland Great Again”, is a hit piece. It is basically twaddle, with no objective analysis of two incompatible, but legitimate political ideologies. It’s just full blown putdown of Poland’s current leaders who “clawed their way into power”, of the direction in which current leaders are taking Poland, and of the citizens of Poland who support it. To Mr. Traub and the rest of globalist, progressive, leftist cabal, Poland is enemy, dangerous enemy. The author makes it clear when he says:

As the largest country in the West to have elected one of these authoritarian-minded parties to power, Poland may be a harbinger”.

What does Mr. Traub see Poland being a harbinger of? Obviously some darkness even horror all over Europe, not only in Poland. Wouldn’t it be darkness if more and more people in Europe rejected multiculturalism, unrestrained tolerance, secularism, liberalism and what the application of these ideas brought to people’s everyday lives and if those people wanted instead more cultural identity, historical identity, family identity, sexual identity, religious identity? Wouldn’t Europeans feel plain miserable if they were allowed to feel patriotic about their individual countries without being labeled nationalists and fascists by their anointed leaders who know what’s right and what wrong for the citizens?

Mr. Traub does not seem to understand that ideas, as well sounding as they might be, are good only if they pass a reality check. Leftism, Cultural Marxism and progressivism have failed that test many times in history and are failing it again for everyone to see. It’s just that those like Mr.Traub stubbornly refuse to face the reality of their ideas’ failure and make an enemy of those who are trying to communicate it to them.

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