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Russia should be permanently stripped of its superpower status

Right on target!

Russia should be permanently stripped of its superpower status,
said Poland’s Ambassador to the UN Krzysztof Szczerski

“There is a need to draw long-term political consequences from the Russian-Ukrainian war; Russia should be permanently deprived of its superpower status. Impunity can be an incentive for hostile actions by other countries”, Polish Ambassador to the UN Krzysztof Szczerski said on Monday, October 24, 2022.

“Russia should be permanently deprived of the status of a superpower, i.e., of the right to be able to intervene in various parts of the world, to define its own spheres of influence, and to have a privileged position in the UN Security Council. There are long-term political consequences to be drawn from this war”, further assessed the Polish ambassador to the UN on Polish Radio’s Channel One.

The ambassador stressed that Russia could not go unpunished for its actions in Ukraine. In his view, allowing such impunity will encourage hostile actions by other countries.

Szczerski: The price of peace must not be the loss of Ukrainian territories.

Szczerski further pointed out that enforcing long-term political consequences against Russia could result from a decision by the US. However, this can only happen when the US elections are decided.

“The war is changing its character, and it is aimed at the emaciation of Ukraine, unending harassment until such a catastrophe becomes a fact. So we as the collective West, those who do not want to witness such a scenario, must understand that in the way it is going on today, it just cannot continue any longer. We need to be closer to some peaceful settlement”, he assessed.

The ambassador stressed that although it is not yet clear what path the Western countries will choose to end the war, there is no doubt that the price of peace cannot be the loss of Ukrainian territories. Therefore, adequate military support must be provided to preserve Ukraine’s territorial unity, Szczerski noted.

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