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Bernard Margueritte: “If there is an oasis of Europeanism on this continent, it is Poland” 

If such place as a sanctuary of European character exists, it would be in Poland. Here, the Christian values and civilization are alive and well. Poland should be an inspiration and motivation for those who have lost them – says the legendary correspondent of the weekly magazine “Sieci”, a French correspondent in Poland and a longtime columnist for “Tygodnik Solidarność” Bernard Margueritte. The best-known correspondent of Western media in post-war Poland, remembered by older viewers from the popular TVP program “Closer to the World” (broadcast in 1987-1991, spanning from late PRL to the birth of the Third Republic) says “I treat Poland as my homeland.”


Poland is unable to project to the world what she really is. On the other hand, let’s remember that a powerful machine is working tirelessly against her and people like Mrs. Anne Applebaum do not spare a moment to ridicule current Poland. So, Poland patiently needs to explain, and keep explaining and straightening lies about her. She must spare no expense to do it. Right now, Poland does not do enough in this area. Also, the authorities, the President, and the government must be more active, and use more professional means – he says.


Despite being battered so hard in the past Poland kept fighting and was able to preserve her pride and ideals. How is this possible? Why your country is not like all other around? That is why Poland upsets many abroad, she is like a remorse – asks Margueritte. The EU bureaucrats’ tone of “defending” European standards reminds me of the language of communist hardliners, and their hunt for “deflectors”. If Brussels had an army, it would probably have been thinking about intervention. By the way, it is worth stating that it is not true that Poland owes everything to the European Union. Poland gets money from European funds, but she also pays large premiums. In addition, the western companies have a real Eldorado here; I have heard this term in person from French entrepreneurs. So, if someone in the West thinks of sanctions, he must know that they will carry costs – thinks the legendary correspondent.


Source: Sieci

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