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PI Newsletter #23

1.  When Stalin Faced Hitler.

Who Fooled Whom?

Hitler cannot be explained in terms of his social origins or his early life and influences, a point that is no less applicable to Stalin. The greatest shaper of Stalin’s identity was the building and running of a dictatorship, whereby he assumed responsibility for the Soviet Union’s power in the world.

In the end, however, the question of who most miscalculated is not a simple one. “Of all the men who can lay claim to having paved the way” for the Third Reich, Hitler liked to say, “one figure stands in awe-inspiring solitude: Bismarck.” But Bismarck had built his chancellorship on avoiding conflict with Russia. When a bust of Bismarck was transferred from the old Reich Chancellery to Hitler’s new Reich Chancellery, it had broken off at the neck. A replica was hastily made and artificially aged by soaking it in cold tea. No one shared this omen with Hitler.

2.  10 Things Every Intersectional Feminist Should Ask On a First Date

I know what you might be thinking while reading it.  But this is not a satirical put-on to make you laugh. It’s dead serious — and that’s why it’s somewhat funny, while tragic at the same time. It’s hard when you realize that these creatures walk around us, breath the same air we do, rub shoulders with us, stand in line at a store with us, vote, maybe teach our children etc……. It’s chilling.  There is no getting along with them, no compromise, no understanding.  No chance. We should give them a state or two and build a high wall around them.

3.  “We Europeans are Christians”, Christmas Address 2017 by Victor Orban.

Today the attack is targeting the foundations of our life and our world. They do not want us to be who we are; they want us to change. By the light of Christmas candles we can clearly see that when they attack Christian culture they are also attempting to eliminate Europe…

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