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PI Newsletter #21

1.  The National Question And The War On Poland

This reaction [to the Independence March in Poland] shows hatred is indeed on the rise—not among Poles, directed against Jews or minorities, but among journalists determined to ensure not one functional Western nation-state will survive the 21st century.

The endgame of course, is to force Poland to accept mass Muslim immigration, <http://www.vdare.com/articles/the-eu-is-dead-long-live-europe-itself> break Eastern European resistance to the policies being set by Germany and other anti-white Western European governments, a<http://www.vdare.com/articles/john-derbyshire-globalists-vs-nationalists-in-europe-and-in-the-u-s>nd reduce Poland to simply a province of the EU, rather than an independent nation-state.

Poland, like every other nation, must decide whether to resist or die. There is no other choice: the globalist elite and its servants in the press will not permit it. The National Question<http://www.vdare.com/tag/national-question> will dominate Western politics for the decades to come. And how each nation answers will determine whether that nation and people continues to exist. Indeed, it will determine whether Western Civilization will continue to exist.


2. Italy’s Apocalypse

What will it take for Italians to wake up and begin to deal with the demographic and civilizational catastrophe facing their uniquely attractive culture?


3.  Millennials: Communism sounds pretty chill

According to the latest survey from the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, a D.C.-based nonprofit, one in two U.S. millennials say they would rather live in a socialist or communist country than a capitalist democracy.


4.  What do globalists and communist collaborators have in common?  Orbanophobia.

As a sometimes vocal critic of certain EU policies and a leading figure in the move to strengthen borders, limit immigration and oppose pro-migration forces, Prime Minister Orbán has become a target of some sharp criticism. That’s to be expected, but among Prime Minister Orbán’s detractors, there is a special group on the extreme end of the spectrum that harbor an irrational fear and contempt.


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