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PI Newsletter #32

1. The European Union and Its Travails

“This liberalism has never really taken root in Central Europe, not least because in a way it was kidnapped by the former Communist power elite through a sophisticated salvaging operation during the shift from Communism to democracy. Hence in Central Europe the liberal worldview of the West has been restricted to, at best, maybe ten per cent of the population, mostly in the capital cities.”

Hungarian Review

2.  10 reasons global elites won’t let Trump end Islamic immigration and ban Muslim Brotherhood

This is exactly the reason why the establishment hates Trump so intensely. He came out of nowhere to disrupt their plan to divide and conquer the last bulwark against global governance, America, using Islam as the battering ram that would crush the decaying remnants of Western Christianity. Upon the ashes of Christendom these elites would build their long-awaited new world order. This new order would feature a monstrous surveillance state watching the activities of every human being all the time, and a new religious fervor slanted toward Islam, the fastest-growing and most intolerant religion on earth.


3.  South African Land Theft

Up until, or on the day, that a predictable calamity unfolds in South Africa, you still find Western Media insisting that,

* No, there’s no racial component to the butchering of thousands of white rural folks in ways that would make Shaka Zulu proud.
* No, the mutilated, tortured, white bodies of Boer and British men, women and children aren’t evidence of racial hatred, but a mere artefact of good old indigenous crime. No hatred crimes. No crimes against humanity. Move along. Let the carnage play on.


4.  The Left’s Doomed Crusade to Erase Gender Differences

Over the weekend, the New York Times ran a lengthy piece about the Seafarer’s Preschool in Stockholm, Sweden. The piece gushed about the school’s strategy for training pre-schoolers to avoid the strictures of gender identity. According to the Times, prior to the teachers’ intervention: “The boys were clamorous and physical. They shouted and hit. The girls held up their arms and whimpered to be picked up. The group of 1- and 2-year-olds had, in other words, split along traditional gender lines.”

The teachers, however, had been trained for just such a crisis. They “cleared the room of cars and dolls. They put the boys in charge of the play kitchen. They made the girls practice shouting ‘No!’”

National Review

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