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PI Newsletter #151


EUROPE/Nordstream 2

1.  U.S., Germany strike a deal to allow completion of controversial Russian Nord Stream 2 pipeline

Workers during the production process of pipes at the Nord Stream 2 facility at Mukran on Ruegen Islandon in Sassnitz, Germany.

  • The United States and Germany reached an agreement to allow completion of the $11 billion Nord Stream 2 pipeline, a thorny, long-standing point of contention between the otherwise stalwart allies.
  • The agreement reached between Washington and Berlin, which was announced Wednesday, aims to invest more than 200 million euros in energy security in Ukraine as well as sustainable energy across Europe.


2.  Nordstream 2’s Hard Lesson in Reality for Everyone

It wasn’t a tough set of equations to solve here. The major players are Russia, Ukraine, Germany, the U.S. Whose needs are fulfilled by Nordstream 2? Germany’s. Who controls the EU? The Davos Crowd through Germany. Who needs relatively cheap energy to keep popular revolts from overthrowing major governments? Davos.

Nordstream 2’s Hard Lesson in Reality for Everyone

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