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What does Poland demand in its note diplomatique to Germany?

Important Message from Poland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs!

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland has issued a communiqué explaining what was included in the content of the note diplomatic sent to Germany on WWII reparations. The Ministry also clarifies why the word “compensation” was used instead of “reparations”.


In the diplomatic note to the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany sent by the Republic of Poland concerning reparations for damage caused by Germany as a result of German aggression and occupation in 1939-1945, the Republic of Poland demands:

– Compensation for material and immaterial damage in the amount of 6 trillion 220 billion 609 million zlotys;

– Compensation for the victims of German aggression and occupation and their family members for the damage and harm caused to them;

– The undertaking of  systemic measures by the Federal Republic of Germany leading to the return of cultural property seized from Poland that is located on German territory;

– The return of assets and liabilities of Polish state banks and credit institutions looted by the German state between 1939 and 1945;

– The settlement of debts arising from the plundering activities of the Deutsche Reichsbank financing the criminal war effort of the Third Reich and from the activities of the Bank of Issue in Poland;

– Full rehabilitation of the murdered activists of the pre-war Polish minority and compensation for the losses suffered by Polish organizations in Germany;

– Full and systemic regulation of the present status of Poles and persons of Polish origin in Germany by restoring the status of a national minority, in particular concerning the teaching of the mother tongue;

– Proper cooperation with the Republic of Poland in commemorating the Polish victims of World War II;

– Taking effective measures by the German authorities to present an accurate picture of the war and its consequences to their own society, especially the harm and damage caused to Poland and the Poles.

“Compensation” instead of “reparations”

 Furthermore, in view of the discussion in the media surrounding the note diplomatique, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs states the following:

The note uses the term “compensation” and not “reparations”, as the former is a much broader formulation and includes both reparations in the international legal sense and other claims described in the note’s body.

Contrary to the false information appearing, the note diplomatique to the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany contains the figure amount of compensation due to the Republic of Poland resulting from the calculations contained in the Report on Losses Incurred by Poland as a Result of German Aggression and Occupation During World War II 1939-1945.

The account of war losses caused by the USSR will be prepared based on studies analogous to those which led to the Report on Losses Incurred by Poland as a Result of German Aggression and Occupation During World War II 1939-1945, per the resolution of the Sejm of the Republic of Poland.

Disclosure to the public of a note diplomatique addressed directly to another state would violate the basic principles of diplomacy. The note diplomatique does not constitute public information – this is clear from the jurisprudence of the Polish courts (inter alia, the judgment of the Voivodship Administrative Court in Warsaw of 19 December 2019 and of 20 August 2020 issued in cases ref. II SA/Wa 2275/19 and II SA/Wa 1954/19, respectively). Notwithstanding the above, out of concern for the openness of the public debate and the reliability of information presented by the mass media, the Minister of Foreign Affairs has decided to publish the present communique, which contains a description of the essential contents raised in the note. In addition, the note may be consulted at any time by all Members of the Sejm of the Republic of Poland and Senators of the Republic of Poland -–pursuant to the provisions of the Act of 9 May 1996 on the Exercise of the Mandate of Deputies and Senators and the Act of 21 January 2021 on the Foreign Service – in conditions ensuring the maintenance of diplomatic secrecy.


For the Polish language original, please see:


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