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The Neumann Tapes

Democracy according to Polish Opposition

M. B. Szonert

November 8, 2019

In the dark days of Martial Law imposed on the Polish people in 1981 by the communist regime of General Jaruzelski, activists of the Solidarity Movement were persecuted for challenging the communist regime known as “people’s democracy.”

What was this “people’s democracy”? It was a code-name for control of the Polish society by the pro-Russian communists, more specifically, a propaganda tool to portray the brutal regime in a positive light. It is instructive to remember that while the West supported the Solidarity Movement for its struggle in the name of democracy, the Jaruzelski regime persecuted the Solidarity Movement also in the name of democracy. So, it may appear that both sides fought this bitter battle for the same great cause, i.e.  democracy. As ludicrous as it sounds, everybody wanted to fight in the name of democracy because apparently whoever fights under the banner of democracy must be fighting for the just cause.

Digging a bit deeper into this conflict, we learn that the Jaruzelski regime fought in the name of “people’s democracy” while the Solidarity Movement fought in the name of “Western democracy.” This experience has not been lost on the heirs of the Jaruzelski regime and their modern global network of supporters. The defenders of “people’s democracy” lost their battle in 1989 but did not lose the war. They regrouped, updated and retooled their ideology, spread their influence, shamelessly transformed “people’s democracy” into “liberal democracy,” and today are engaged in yet another battle for hearts and souls of the people, this time not just in Poland or Eastern Europe but throughout the entire West. That is how the radical left takes its revenge on the West for 1989 losses.

The same communist villains who jailed, tortured, and killed Solidarity workers in Poland in the name of “people’s democracy” in 1981, today are leading the fight against the legitimate, democratically elected government of Law and Justice Party (PiS), which is rooted in the ideals of the Solidarity Movement. How ironic that the former communist tyrants successfully fight under the banner of “liberal democracy” against the party rooted in the Solidarity ideals of “Western democracy.” How ironic that they loudly protest against purported violations of law by the party that is founded on respect for the law and justice. How ironic that those with roots in brutal totalitarian regime today are glorified by the West as defenders of “liberal democracy” against the government that represents the true ideals of the Solidarity Movement rooted in “Western Democracy.”

This madness grows as the Western media effectively suppress the treasonous role of the Nobel Peace Prize Winner Lech Walesa in the so-called “overthrow” of communism in Poland. No, there was no overthrow of communism in Poland under Lech Walesa. The Polish historians proved beyond any doubt that Walesa was a communist secret collaborator, in fact the traitor to the Solidarity Movement. In reality Lech Walesa, the hero of the West to this day, was charged with the task to assure that the communist apparatchiks remain in full control in Poland during and after the so-called transition to “Western democracy.”

Walesa perfectly accomplished this goal, fooling the public for years. He assured that all Jaruzelski henchmen, in particular all top party apparatchiks and judges responsible for judicial crimes of Martial Law, preserve their power and influence. Walesa sold out the people and ideals of the Solidarity Movement for money and influence. Together with other carefully selected Solidarity leaders, he was used to legitimize to the West the so-called “non-communist government” in Poland. Under the protective umbrella of Lech Walesa, the communist clique led by Jaruzelski preserved their power for decades to come. They effectively consolidated and fortified their power in the “post-communist” Poland at the expense of millions of Solidarity Movement workers, and in the process gained recognition and influence in the leading centers of power in the West.

The hard truth is that Lech Walesa was not the hero of the Solidarity Movement who overthrew communism in Poland. Likewise, the Western capitalism was not the winner over communism. In fact, the West became the naïve nesting ground for the skillful subversive operation of international brotherhood of the radical left, as a result of its Pyrrhic victory over communism in 1989.  To this day, the West does not have the audacity to face this ugly truth. Instead, it supports the efforts to overthrow the true Solidarity government in Poland.

Today many progenies of the most sophisticated communist spies and ideologues from the Cold War era are well connected, well positioned, and fully immersed in the centers of power in the United States. They are the ones who lead the international fight against the democratically elected government of Law and Justice in Poland. They are the ones who attack the government rooted in the ideals of the Solidarity Movement as undemocratic. The heirs of “people’s democracy” attempt to destroy the government of “Western democracy” with the sabre of “liberal democracy.”

One of their main targets of this struggle is the justice system. It is there, in the judiciary, that the former communists preserve most power to this day. The judges, many of them Martial Law criminals and ideological heirs of Stalinist indoctrination, are the last bastion of communist apparatchiks power in Poland. Many of them operate within the mafia system, others are common criminals, yet others openly lead ideological and political battles. They regularly violate ethical standards of their profession by openly taking part in anti-government rallies, engaging in political speech, issuing decisions with no basis in law. They call themselves “the special caste” that stands above the law and act with full impunity. Hence, no wonder that 80 percent of the Polish people demand the fundamental reform of the justice system.

Of course the Western media acting in defense of “liberal democracy” in Poland dismiss all such arguments as baseless. Indeed, it is difficult to prove in the eyes of the Western public opinion, whether a particular decision was politically motivated or not. Only by analyzing the pattern, we can clearly see how rotten the justice system is. But the Western media are not interested in analyzing any patterns. The global radical left has a vested interest in returning to power heirs of “people’s democracy” in Poland. They know very well that fighting as “defenders of democracy” is the most effective way to achieve this goal. Hence the warfare with slogans and buzz words continues.

That is why the secret tapes that were leaked recently in Poland should serve as the eye opener to those in the West who want to learn more about the real state of democracy in Poland. The tapes were recorded before 2017 local elections in the city of Tczew. One of the local leaders from the main opposition party Civic Platform recorded their National Chairman Sławomir Neumann. The local leader was concerned with the corruption indictment that was just filed against the city president connected with the Civic Platform. “The court can *** (throw it out) into space, can drag it for three years, this is not important. In my opinion 60-70 percent of  city presidents will have such indictments. This would not impress anybody,” Neumann assured his friend.  “Those who vote know *** nothing. They don’t know who is who. And they will see this merely as an attack on anti-PiS president.”

According to the Chairman of the Civic Platform Parliamentary Club, criminal indictment should not be of any problem for their voters. “Our electorate, this anti-PiS electorate, will view such indictment as *** PiS attack to kill him. And they will support him even more. That is how it looks like. According to our study, *** once someone is indicted, the result is exactly the opposite.” This rule was confirmed by the results of 2019 Parliamentary elections. One of the leaders of Civic Platform with five indictments, three of them for corruption, and with three months of incarceration in the so-called melioration case, was democratically elected as Senator from the Koszalin region.

Neumann proclaimed that the Civic Platform would support all local leaders who have problems with law, provided they are members of Civic Platform. “Remember, one rule is for me sacred ***.  You better learn it if you want to talk about anything. Once you are a member of Civic Platform I will defend you *** no matter what. Once you leave the Platform, you are in trouble.”

The Neumann’s tapes clearly demonstrate that the fight for democracy in Poland in fact is the struggle to assure full impunity for crimes committed by those who are loyal to the radical left, be it former communists, be it Jaruzelski regime judges, be it Civic Platform politicians, leaders, businessmen, etc. That is how Poland is once again being dragged through the mud by the international brotherhood of neo-Marxists under the banner of defending democracy, equality and justice. This time, however, such attack comes from the radical left in the West.

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