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Invest in the freedom of Poles!


Invest in the freedom of Poles!

“Ukraine fights now for the freedom of Poles,” said President of Poland Andrzej Duda. By supporting the heroic struggle of our Ukrainian neighbors, we invest in the security of Poland because we are next in line for the Russian attack.

Today Ukrainians have much better chances of resisting the Russian aggression than Poland had in WWII. Back then the Western Powers effectively handed over Poland to the Soviet Union (today Russia), gave the Soviets a free hand in exterminating the Polish independence movement, and have been effectively covering up the Soviet crimes of killing Polish freedom fighters to this day.

After the war, the Soviets murdered thousands of Poles on a mass scale in special operations, put criminals in the position of judges and prosecutors, conducted show trials, committed judicial murders, tortured people in the most vicious ways, burry their victims in undisclosed locations, persecuted their families for decades, barred their children from pursuing higher education, developed lies and black legends about their victims to discredit them in the eyes of the public for posterity, and promoted traitors and criminals to the highest positions in Poland.

Today, with the support of the Western Powers, Ukraine has a chance to defend itself and therefore stop Russian murderers from encroaching into Poland.

Therefore, please support Ukrainian women and children who escaped the Russian hell and are seeking safety in Poland. Their husbands and fathers fighting in Ukraine for their freedom and ours must know that their families are safe in Poland. Remember, today’s fight for Ukraine is also the fight for Poland!

Please consider donating to one of the organizations providing humanitarian aid to Ukraine recommended by the Government of Poland listed on their website below:


and consider the information from the poster below.

In connection with the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Polonia Institute encourages the American public to take part in the competition on the history of Poland just announced, and study events that followed the Yalta Conference of 1945 in Eastern-Central Europe because this important part of the XX Century history, only now being pieced together, is most relevant to the unfolding war in Ukraine that may spread to the entire European continent.

The historical essay competition on the Polish Independent Movement after WWII just announced by the Polonia Institute calls for the analysis of the following issues: 1) the Yalta Conference of February 1945; 2) June 1945 show trial of the 16 Polish leaders in Moscow 3) 1946 Special Augustów Operation (Little Katyn) 4) 1944-1947 mission of Stanisław Mikołajczyk in Poland; 5) NKVD/UB machine of oppression: a) special forces, prosecutors, court murderers, and show trials; b) torture dungeons: Rakowiecka, Fordon, Inowrocław, Lublin prisons, c) exterminations ex. Witold Pilecki, Danuta Sieradzikówna “Inka,” Emil Fieldorf, and others; 6) threats, blackmailing, deportations, discrimination, terror; 9) lesson for today. For more information, see the link below: http://poloniainstitute.net/competition-on-polands-history/2022-competition/

We also recommend the historical background of the Russian’s attack on Ukraine here: http://poloniainstitute.net/battle-of-ideas/will-the-russian-aggression-on-ukraine-lead-to-genocide-in-europe/



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