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September 21, 2023
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American Polonia mourns the passing of Bishop John W. Yanta

Good morning,
It is with profound sadness that we, the Board of Directors of the Polish Heritage Center at Panna Maria,     acknowledge the passing of our beloved founder, leader and friend, Bishop John W. Yanta. 
He lived a long life of great accomplishment.  It was our honor to share his final years – working, praying, laughing and learning – as his quest to preserve the heritage of our Polish ancestors came to fruition. 
His daily guidance will be sorely missed, but he has left us a lasting legacy and solid foundation to continue his work.  Our prayers for our beloved Bishop Yanta join those of his family and his friends throughout the world.
Funeral arrangements will be forthcoming. Please also check the Center’s Facebook page @polishheritagecentertx and website for updates and details. 

Thank you!

The Polish heritage Center at Santa Maria in TExas, USa

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