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Max Denken

Legacy media’s, the European Union’s and NWO Globalist ideologues’ and trough feeders’ constant attacks on Poland’s and Hungary’s “anti-democratic” reforms are symptom of the same mental illness as the hysterical assaults on Donald Trump have been. They stem from the same bubble arrogance and programmed weltanschauung that propelled one, Henry Porter, British bien-pensant and bon vivant, author and journalist both for the Left (Guardian) and the luxe (Vanity Fair) to write about another “unacceptable” phenomenon, Brexit, citing, naturally, Der Spiegel: “A passionate European, like myself, can only feel a deep sense of shame at the narcissism and ignorance that have brought us to this place.” (1)

In their myopic hubris and endless self-congratulation, the privileged classes feel a “deep sense of shame” over Trump, Poland, Hungary and all those uncool Eastern European kulaks, too. You know, all those peoples that are not penitent for their white privilege, have only two genders not eight, and don’t serve exclusively halal food in their public schools’ and hospitals’ cafeterias. And, worst of all, where church bells peal on Sunday, not amplified muezzin calls on Friday.

It’s by no means coincidental that Anne Applebaum, a member of the inner NWO club, manifests the same mendacious hysteria about Poland as all “progressive” commentators and enemy media display toward Donald Trump. On July 16, Applebaum claimed in an article for the progressive fake news and national security leaks purveyor Washington Post that Poland is a more dangerous threat to the West than what she called “radical Islam” (2). Few statements in international journalism have come close to such insanity in the last quarter century. Maybe Der Spiegel No.6 cover earlier this year comes closest; the one showing Donald Trump brandishing a bloodied knife in one hand and the decapitated head of the Statue of Liberty in the other.

Itemizing the same fake tropes of Western Zombies’ institutions, media and opinion shapers, Applebaum asserted that Poland’s “illiberal government” escalated “its attack on its own constitution” and is “pushing new laws openly designed to create a politicized judiciary.” Further, “it has [in addition to the judiciary] “subjugated previously independent institutions” such as the public broadcaster, and has “politicized the civil service.”

These arguments within the context of modern Polish history and politics have already been thoroughly debunked by, among others, professors Marek Jan Chodakiewicz, Ewa Thompson and Stephen Baskerville, Polish journalists Jerzy Jachowicz and Igor Janke, distinguished Polish writer-journalist and former dissident Bronislaw Wildstein, Poland’s former Prime Minister Leszek Miller, justice Piotr Andrzejewski of Poland’s constitutional court, polemicist Matthew Tyrmand, yours truly in a forthcoming book, and many others.

I shall not reiterate this debunking here, but will take a different approach. For Applebaum, born in the swamp itself, Washington D.C., into an upper-class Jewish-liberal family, with a gold-plated education (inter alia Yale and Oxford) and a gold-plated life, is even now perched in a superprivileged tower amidst a raging inferno in the fetid Potomac bog beneath her while crying “Fire” about Poland.

Applebaum’s pretense that Poland’s “illiberal government” is creating a “politicized” and “previously independent” judiciary is ludicrous in the context of all judiciaries in all Western countries being politicized toward the “progressive” liberal Left, far to the left of the general population and finding every conceivable excuse to interpret the Law according to their own leftist prejudices. The United States is notorious for its judges voting Left, supporting the Left, and “legislating from the bench” – forever leftward. Among thousands of examples one could adduce here, the recent sabotage is salient relative to Donald Trump’s measures to protect America from imported Muslim terrorists. The sabotage of executive action outside their purview was engineered mainly by chief prosecutors and federal judges in the most zombified leftist states such as New York, Massachusetts, California, Washington, Hawaii and Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s demographically re-engineered Virginia. That this was extra-legal and unconstitutional was affirmed by the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to override it.

The Star Chamber now digging up the world for nuggets of manufactured hysteria about Trump and “the Russians” under Special Counsel Robert Mueller is a good poster case for the mendacity of false purists like Applebaum complaining to the world that Poland is doing the unheard of anywhere in the “democratic” West: “politicizing” its judiciary. Of the 15 lawyers hired by Mueller by early July, three, plus Mueller himself, come from the law firm of WilmerHale One of them, Jeannie Rhee is also a Clinton Foundation Lawyer and former Deputy Assistant Attorney General in the Office of Legal Counsel under Barack Obama (3). As to WilmerHale, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich disclosed that WilmerHale’s presidential campaign contributions in the 2016 election went 99.81% to Hillary Clinton (4). It’s an open secret that this is the pattern in all large American law firms and law schools.

Two additional lawyers in that 15-strong team, Peter Carr and Adam Jed. worked in Obama’s Department of Justice. A third one, Elizabeth Prelogar, is a former law clerk to the US Supreme Court’s two most Culturally Marxist Justices: Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Elena Kagan. Two more, Rush Atkinson and Andrew Weissmann donated to the political campaigns of Obama and Clinton (5). So much for the pristine virginity of the West’s legal establishment that only Poland’s evil destroyers are “politicizing.”

No one in the United States has attacked the Constitution more than America’s imperial judiciary, including at times America’s equivalent of Poland’s Constitutional Tribunal. When the tyrannical travesty of Obamacare (Affordable Care Act) (6) was in danger of being overturned, in June 2012 Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, John Roberts (7), came to the mandate’s rescue. Joining the court’s progressive judges, he provided the critical fifth vote to overturn the challenge and decree that this arbitrary exercise in Obama’s socialist racial nepotism was constitutional. To be able to arrive at the predetermined conclusion, Justice Roberts had to change the unconstitutional individual penalty provision of the Act into a tax, even though the law as written mentions no tax. He, a judge, in fact rewrote the law to mean the opposite of what it meant.

To cite three more cases out of dozens, in Roe v. Wade (1973), in order to reach a politically expedient decision, the Supreme Court found nonexistent provisions in the Constitution related to abortion. In Obergefell v. Hodges (2015), to quote from the Campaign for American Principles, “five justices, without the slightest warrant in the text, logic, structure, or historical understanding of the Constitution presumed to declare unconstitutional the marriage laws of states that maintain the historic and sound understanding of marriage as the conjugal union of husband and wife.” And the closer Donald Trump got to the Republican nomination for President, the more antagonistic became the comments by Justice of the United States Supreme Court, Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She spoke to media about her “despair,” wanting to move to New Zealand, called Trump “a faker” with no consistency, criticized his ego, and more. If that’s not politics on the highest judicial bench in the United States, what is?

Thomas Jefferson, who could teach “progressives” ranging from Applebaum to the distinguished members of the Venice Commission a thing or two about Constitutions, wrote in a letter to Abigail Adams in 1804: “The opinion which gives to the judges the right to decide what laws are constitutional and what not, not only for themselves in their own sphere of action but for the Legislature and Executive also in their spheres, would make the Judiciary a despotic branch.”

He also wrote (in a letter to William C. Jarvis, 1820): “To consider the judges as the ultimate arbiters of all constitutional questions [is] a very dangerous doctrine indeed, and one which would place us under the despotism of an oligarchy. Our judges are as honest as other men and not more so. They have with others the same passions for party, for power, and the privilege of their corps.” (8)

The Polish judiciary is not exempt from the general trend of arrogation of legislative powers, self-serving and self-dealing, hauteur and arrogance, and normal corruption too – all that augmented by many of the judges having qualified and practiced under the Communists or having been taught by ex- Communists (9). Finally a government came along – only in Poland — that’s trying to restrain that major systemic dysfunction; no other government in the West has had the courage to do so. Instead of lauding this drive to restore law and justice, Applebaum, the self-appointed defender of Polish democracy, law and justice, calls it “subjugating” and denounces it with hyperventilated hysteria.

Anne Applebaum’s bizarre eruptions about the “democracy-destroying” and “constitution-busting” Poland of Duda and Kaczynski only underline her silence about the excesses of the Donald Tusk government before. These eruptions have a parallel in critiques of Poland by such proclaimed paragons of virtue as the EU’s unelected viziers, children of SS butchers and Nazi volksdeutche (ethnic Germans) who destroyed Poland, such as Germany’s Foreign Minister and vice-Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel (10), and, not the least, such American worthies as John McCain, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama. We have space here but for the latter.

Obama, the “constitutional scholar” whose administration’s actions have been found unconstitutional 44 times by the unanimous opinion of the United States Supreme Court (11), lectured Poland on constitutionality just a couple of days after his FBI and Department of Justice exempted the Democratic heir presumptive, Hillary Clinton, from the laws of the United States with a cockamamie excuse that she had showed “no intent” to betray her country with her enabling virtually open-access to highly classified email traffic of the U.S. State Department. There was hardly as much as a comment about Clinton having perjured herself in this matter in testimony to Congress, either.

All those were unpunished felonies real or probable for which the little people, e.g. soldiers who sent a single email from Afghanistan with some detail the government didn’t like, are prosecuted and harshly punished all the time. One of America’s most astute brains, Karl Denninger, pegged that moment for eternity in a post he named “America Died At 11:00 ET 7/5/2016.”

Moreover, a couple of days later Obama’s Department of Justice filed a motion in federal court seeking a 27-month delay –- i.e. until after the 2016 election — in producing correspondence between former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s top aides and officials with the Clinton Foundation. A proper term for all that is “Willful destruction of the rule of law” – in the United States, by the President of the United States who stood there in Warsaw and lectured Poland about “the rule of law.” And Applebaum worries about “the future consequences of a supine, pro-government judiciary” in Poland, while she held her tongue when America’s judiciary was manifestly supine and pro-government – as long as it was Obama’s government.

The Obama government lied massively to foil scrutiny of its disastrous Libya policies and related acts by Clinton and by Obama’s National Security Advisor Susan Rice. Rice was also involved in anti-Trump black ops before the election, as was Obama’s U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power and others in the Obama administration. Judge Andrew Napolitano – an exception to the rule – wrote about Ms. Rice: “Susan Rice is a known public liar. She lied about the cause of the attacks at Benghazi on all five network Sunday morning talk shows in September 2012, and she lied about spying and unmasking before she admitted she did it” (12).

Repeating the same mockery of democracy and rule of law as it did with Hillary Clinton, the Obama administration removed the documents pertaining to Susan Rice’s politically motivated “unmasking” of Trump team members to the Obama Presidential Library, effectively sealing them off from public scrutiny (13). The enemy media with few exceptions like the New York Post of course loudly proclaim Rice’s innocence. And as to prosecuting opponents, in addition to all the pro-Clinton, anti-Trump willful trampling of laws, procedures and Western ethics, ask Obama’s IRS about how it treated conservative nonprofits or how many times it audited people with inconvenient political opinions.

So much for Applebaum’s “attack on the constitution” and “evading corruption investigations” that she puts on the doorstep of the Eurosceptic new Poland she clearly hates, while omitting much evidence brought to light in the Polish press that it was the government of the party she favors, Platforma Obywatelska (PO, in translation “Civic Platform”) that engaged in such attack and evasion. As an American journalist and author of considerable prestige, it’s equally curious that while attacking Donald Trump, she has had nothing to say about Obama’s government engaging in multiple evasions of scrutiny of its fraud, incompetence and gross malfeasance.

Ms. Applebaum’s claims as to Poland’s “previously independent” public broadcaster are equally risible, given that Poland’s public TV and Radio were stuffed with ruling party’s line-toeing funding-seekers and sycophants and the “resort children” of Poland’s former communist elite, enjoying a wink and a nod from the then-ruling Civic Platform (PO) party that the current government displaced. Moreover, like all public broadcasters in the West, under PO the public broadcaster was heavily politicized – leftward – though not nearly as much as are such icons of public broadcasting as the BBC, ZDF (Germany), RAI (Italy), SVT (Sweden), NRK (Norway) and so on.

Moreover, Applebaum is again a pot calling the kettle black, for even in the putatively “independent” American mainstream media, with touted freedom of expression, no mass media platforms exists that would publish the opinion that it’s Washington Post’s politics that threaten to wreck the United States, and it’s Applebaum’s ideas that threaten not only the survival of Poland but of the West itself.

As to the allegedly newly “politicized” civil service, in that too Ms. Applebaum, despite her obviously high intelligence and erudition must have inhaled too deeply from the Zombie hashish pipe. The civil service of all Western countries is highly politicized – leftward, like the entire apparatus of education from kindergarten through PhD, and the judiciary at all its levels. After all, the Left of all stripes, including what passes in Europe for “centrist-conservative” favors an ever-larger state, ever bigger civil service, ever more inflated government budgets. In the United States, the government’s giant Postal Service repeatedly violated federal law by pressuring managers to give mail carriers time off to campaign for Hillary Clinton and other Democrats in the 2016 elections (14). One who has dealt with the civil service of any Western European country knows that it is — all of them are – far more to the left of America’s civil service. Indeed, those bureaucracies are mobilized intensely to enforce a tyrannical multiculti socialism, population replacement, gender theory and other Cultural Marxist indoctrination, persecution of dissenters, and various sovereignty-curtailing supranational schemes without the approval or even knowledge of the voters.

It takes the political vision of a “populist” government like PiS in Poland and Fidesz in Hungary to rein-in that ever-fatter, ravenous and ever more despotic government beast, to very loud hue and cries of Anne Applebaum and other critics of “populism.” The current governments of these two countries are the first in the entire West trying to halt to perennial creeping leftward of all Western institutions, to move the goal posts back to center field though they have been conspicuously in the left corner for at least a quarter century now, with nary a prominent Western “conservative” noticing. That’s an even greater crime, indeed a capital case for the EU- Obama –Soros – Council on Foreign Relations axis along which the likes of Applebaum oscillate.

The link between Trump-hate and Poland-hate comes across clearly in Applebaum too, echoing the Washington Post’s perennial tune. In her Poland–is-a-danger-worse-than-ISIS/Al-Qaeda piece, the single opinion she offers about Trump’s July 6th speech in Warsaw is that it was “a very particular” defense of Western civilization, with an added dig in a different article entitled, significantly, “Trump affirms the Polish government’s assault on democracy” (15). That refers to Trump’s failure to talk about what she – and United Zombiehood Inc. from Juncker to Timmermans to Merkel to Soros to Obama — call “democratic values” or “Western values” even though they themselves engage in saliently undemocratic activities and swamp “Western values” with the values of people imported from the 7th century in Arabia, Afghanistan, Somalia and so on.

Applebaum’s latter article comes complete with advice for Trump to follow Barack Obama’s example (sic!) in dealing with Putin. Of the many truly unbelievable similar headlines in the zombie press, the Atlantic’s is particularly amusing: “The Racial and Religious Paranoia of Trump’s Poland Speech” (Peter Beinart, July 6, 2017).

The danger Applebaum claims Poland is to the West is the danger that another WaPo cultural warrior, David Rothkopf, claimed Trump is to the United States, under the title “The greatest threat facing the United States is its own president” (16). The expression “nonsense on stilts” having already been deployed by John O’Sullivan in this context, I shall rest with “lying, crazed horse manure” for both assertions.

That these people and their media landed from a different planet than the majority of Americans is evinced in such appraisals of Trump’s remarkable speech in Warsaw as both Matthew Continetti’s and Michael Barone’s at the noninfected Washington paper, Washington Examiner, or syndicated columnist Susan Stamper Brown in a newspaper in the noninfected northern tip of California calling the speech “truly inspiring” (17). Both Patrick Buchanan and Laura Ingraham raved about it on her radio show (18). Conservative political science professor Paul Kengor called it “outstanding” (19).

John O’Sullivan, senior speechwriter to Margaret Thatcher and distinguished journalist with particular expertise in Central Europe, described Trump’s Warsaw speech as “unabashed celebration of Western culture and values” that broke new ground, and its liberal critiques as “nonsense on stilts” (20) And Don Thieme, an American scholar in Polish history, former military attaché at the U.S. Embassy in Warsaw and retired professor at the Naval War College praised it as a difficult accomplishment, a message that in a single hour recalled history, reassured partners and allies, and cautioned rivals (21).

Applebaum commiserates that Trump’s empathic speech somehow stifled Poland’s return to “democracy” and foiled this — as she sees it – international pariah state from being brought to heel by her European Union social and ideological buddies. The odiousness of this sentiment is matched by her hypocrisy in claiming that Poland had democracy before PiS and does not have it now, which is as false as is the baying of Trump haters about the end of democracy with his election for U.S. President.

Poland had less democracy under EU-vassal Civic Platform (PO) than it has under the democratic sovereignty-promoting Law and Justice (PiS), and the United States has far more democracy under Trump than it ever had under Obama.

Astonishingly blind, Applebaum envisions Poland’s further “emboldenment“ by Donald Trump resulting, among others, in a government that will falsify elections, evade corruption investigations and prosecute opponents. Again, it was the government of the party she favors, Civic Platform (PO) under which all those conditions existed. But this has already been shown in the Polish context, in great detail, by other commentators. What interests me here is that Applebaum — a native American citizen and political insider – is crying “Fire” in Poland while writing for a prestigious American newspaper situated in burning, smoking Washington, D.C. The fire that has already consumed parts of America and perhaps decided its future was set by the eight-year semi-dictatorial reign of Barack H. Obama on all three counts she worries about in Poland. A reign for which the Washington Post was an ecstatic cheerleader while Applebaum’s voice of dissidence was not heard from either.

Obama deliberately falsified the 2016 and all future elections by creating every possible extra-legal opportunity for illegal immigrants and “refugees’ to flood the United States. These are not only future Democrats but some were actual Democratic voters already in 2016, deliberately if slyly encouraged by Obama to vote without fear of repercussion (22).

Evidence of such illegal voting is already so voluminous we can’t examine its full scope here. President Trump’s voter fraud commission opened its deliberations in July to the usual screams of the Left that “the Right” is trying to “disfranchise” minorities. It’s par for the course that the most zombified of America’s “blue” states refused to cooperate with this commission, including California, New York, Massachusetts and Governor Terry McAuliffe’s demographically “Democratized” Virginia, McAuliffe himself having used an autopen to restore the voting rights of tens of thousands of (overwhelmingly Democrat-voting) felons (23) in his state that’s often decided by a few hundred votes.

Before the Commission releases its conclusions, I shall iterate here just a few details related to the massive vote fraud by non-citizens that’s a clear mockery of the pretense to “democracy.” Such fraud is encouraged by the government of the United States whenever it’s held by the Democrats and by state governments of all the “blue” states that generally foil any legislative attempt to identify legitimate voters properly. Much other electoral fraud is committed with the encouragement of the Democrat Party by racial minorities, felons, operatives of the Left registering dead people all over the country, and so on.

As to the government-imported illegal votes, a month after the 2016 elections, the facts research group Just Facts published data from a 2012 Harvard/YouGov survey and from the voter registration and turnout data firm Catalist, evincing the critical problem of voting by non-citizens (24). The Harvard/YouGov research indicated that 11.2% of non-citizens voted in the 2008 election, which, adjusted for errors, translated into between 2.2 and 2.8 million illegal votes by aliens on U.S. soil. The leftoid, immigrant-friendly Catalyst data was much lower; nevertheless, the researchers took it under account and produced a weighted conclusion of 6.4% or 1.2 million non-citizen votes in 2008, with 81.8% of them going to Obama.

A small sample of headlines pertinent to this issue in the 2016 elections includes:

The problem is limited neither to illegal immigrants nor to the United States alone. With great encouragement of the European Union that Applebaum consistently lauds, Europe has been stuffing itself for 50 years now with immigrants, “migrants” and “refugees” from countries where the civic and democratic traditions of the West are unknown or mangled beyond recognition. Multiple voting fraud issues have come to light in Great Britain, for instance, involving people that are coyly called there “Asian” (25). Sir Eric Pickles looked into this small aspect of the UK’s hara-kiri and issued a report in 2016 (26). The report concluded with courage rare for any Western country west of Dresden that political correctness about ethnicity and religion had led to the British state pretending not to have seen that in multiple prior elections there was electoral fraud going on in the British Pakistani and Bangladeshi communities.

That’s the government’s falsification of elections, in addition to falsification of native culture, traditions, cohesion and social capital that was admitted in Great Britain by Labour operative Andrew Neather (27). It’s Ms. Applebaum’s European Union that favors this falsification as well as Europe’s leftist and “centrist” parties and EU-vassal governments such as was the government of Donald Tusk whom she praises lavishly. It’s the government she pillories, of the Law and Justice party (PiS) that wishes to prevent this fraud, brought on Europe among other calamities by the EU’s “refugees” mania.

Ultimately, the lowest point of Applebaum’s bilious nonsense on stilts is not what she wrote but what she didn’t. What she didn’t write is that she is the wife of one of the top members of the Polish ruling class, Radosław “Radek” Sikorski, who was, successively, Poland’s Minister of Defense (2005 -2007). Minister of Foreign Affairs (2007 – 2014), and Speaker of the House (as an American might call it) in 2014 -2015.

Mr. Sikorski, Oxford graduate and a suave, often brilliant man, a globalist and great EU supporter, was Poland’s international face in the days of Donald Tusk’s premiership. He hobnobbed with the greatest and mightiest, was a fixture at Davos and other NWO institutions. Anne Applebaum herself acted as Poland’s unofficial Second Lady, welcoming sundry important visitors to Poland and “explaining” it to them.

The Sikorskis lost it all when Jaroslaw Kaczynski’s Eurosceptic PiS was elected in 2015 to assume the reins of government in Poland. However, the NWO cabal ruling the world now does not abandon such precious specimens.

Anne Applebaum is employed not only by enemy media’s Washington Post, but also by several major British newspapers. She has published several lauded books. She is on the editorial board of the “centrist”- Neocon American Interest and of the Journal of Democracy where they surely don’t discuss why democracy is now a dead, stuffed bird brandished at the right parades for the faithful to venerate. She gives lectures at all the right universities. She was Philippe Roman Chair in History and International Affairs at the London School of Economics in 2012-13. She is high-up in such prestigious assemblies of the postmodern NWO aristocracy as the Council on Foreign Relations, the National Endowment for Democracy, the Institute for War and Peace Reporting, and the Center for European Policy Analysis.

As for Radek Sikorski, he is now Senior Fellow at Harvard University’s Center for European Studies and “Distinguished Statesman” with the Brzezinski Institute on Geostrategy. Yes, that Brzezinski, “Zbig” – Lyndon Johnson partisan, “civil rights” warrior, Jimmy Carter’s National Security Advisor, proponent of American empowerment of the People’s Republic of China and disabling of anti-commie Taiwan, vociferous proponent of America’s support for the Afghani mujahidin who, as Taliban, ended up hosting Al-Qaeda and blowing Americans to smithereens by the thousands, fan of “engagement” with Hamas, and great enthusiast of NATO’s bombing of Serbia that not only debilitated a valuable European-Christian nation but enabled Kosovo as one more Muslim rump beachhead in Europe. But that’s just the small stuff, for Zbig was also a key founder of the NWO fulcrum Trilateral Commission, a Bilderberger and a valuable structural strut of the Council on Foreign Relations.

The surname Brzezinski is to this day on the curious side of the West’s cultural zeitgeist, now incarnated in Zbig’s daughter Mika – MSNBC’s choice anti-Trump guided missile. Ms. Brzezinski has expressed her belief that it’s the media’s job to control what people think (28).

It’s by no means coincidental that the only Bilderberg 2016 invitees with a connection to Poland were Harvard’s and Zbig’s Radoslaw Sikorski and Poland-and-Trump-bashing Anne Applebaum. Bronisław Wildstein has accused Applebaum of spreading negative propaganda about the PiS government, and pro-Poland polemicist Matthew Tyrmand has written that Sikorski and Applebaum belong to “an elitist political class of looters closely aligned with Brussels” and “have been at the nexus of the false narrative being spread about Polish democracy all over the world” (29).

Applebaum’s maligning of the country that turned away from her and her husband after giving them many years at its most privileged top is a case of bad taste and bad ethics, though befitting the newspaper that in its Trump-hass (rhymes with the Nazis’ Judenhass) has no equal in its reliance on illegal leaks, fake news, hyperbole, slander and artificially fanned “controversies.” She is entitled to her opinions on Poland, but ought to recuse herself from discussing them in public forums. That is squared for her husband whose sour-grapes domestic and foreign assaults on his country are frequent and highly abusive (30).

The United States is not unique in the corruptions of its political system outlined here; I adduced only it as an example, as compared to Poland, just for brevity’s sake. Likewise, I am not implying that Anne Applebaum is an outlier as far as contemptible attacks on Poland go. Many more have been launched in various international forums by Poles who lost rich sinecures in the feeding trough of the EU-vassal regime of the “centrist” party that lost the last election. “Progressive” Polish journalists eager for German euros or American dollars feed international readers with stories of “dictatorship” and “popular revolt.” Emissaries of the Civic Platform (PO) party and high-ups in the deposed Civic Platform (PO) government are regular bearers of fanciful tales of Poland’s iniquity and doom, told to panting global government Socialists in the corridors of power in Brussels or Strasbourg.

Of late, former Polish Ambassador to the United States under Minister Sikorski, Richard Schnepf, has sent a libel letter reportedly to various American recipients in the academia, blackening Poland, accusing it of “purge in public institutions, communist like propaganda in public media, growing conflict with the EU [this one’s true, but it’s EU that’s to blame] and “unofficial support given by the rulers to the extreme right nationalistic and antisemitic organizations” (31)

This one would take as many pages to take apart as Ms. Applebaum’s missive has, so I’ll address just its “antisemitic” angle, briefly. The “antisemitic” cudgel is used frequently against Poland, beginning with “Polish concentration camps” – an invention of a sergeant in the Nazi military police Alfred Benziger. And it’s not the first time that Schnepf has used imputed “antisemitism” as an offensive weapon (32).

We cannot take the side track to a fuller discussion of Mr. Schnepf himself and his communist parents’ background, or the subject of Polish “antisemitism.” Let it suffice that Poland’s First Lady Agata Kornhauser-Duda is Jewish, some of the most cutting critics of Applebaum, Schnepf, Soros et al. are Polish Jews like Wildstein and Tyrmand, and this author, by DNA, is half Jewish, too.

It’s a coincidence that a group of crows is called in English “murder.” At any rate, the Sikorskis being the most accomplished and intelligent of the murder, it’s time they realized that flying and flinging with the rest of the black crows brings them no credit. Their ideas do not stand up to scrutiny and are no longer welcome by the awakened peoples of the West. Their diatribes have greatly damaged the country that has so elevated them. Enough damage already.


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(7) Skeptics would point out that Obama is a socialist Democrat and Roberts is a “conservative” Republican, hence Roberts’s sophistry was “nonpartisan.” But neither this nor the PiS – PO case have to do with party labels but with values and the corruption of power. With respect to those, there is just one Republicrat party in the United States. The main difference between its two wings is in the sources of their corruption.

(8) The quotes culled from “Thomas Jefferson on Politics & Government” http://famguardian.org/subjects/politics/thomasjefferson/jeff1030.htm.

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“WIKILEAKS: Podesta Says It’s OK for Illegals to Vote With Driver’s License” (Gateway Pundit blog, October 19, 2016)

“Clinton’s Florida Secret Weapon: New Puerto Rican Arrivals” (Bloomberg.com, October 25, 2016)

“’Fundamentally un-American’: Hillary rips immigration opponents,” (WND.com, October 16, 2016)

“Obama Administration Rushes More Than 900 Refugees Into U.S. On Consecutive Days, On Track for 185,000 in FY 2017” (Breitbart.com, October 7, 2016).

“Obama Continues to Illegally Transform America with Refugee Resettlement” (ConservativeReview.com, June 16, 2016)

“Obama admin fails to check immigrants against FBI databases, approves citizenship,” (Washington Times, December 4, 2016

“Border cops: Election driving new border crisis,” Washington Examiner, October 6, 2016

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(29) Wildstein’s relative output is available only in Polish, but a reference is available in “Polish journalist Wildstein lashes out at Anne Applebaum,” Radio Poland, June 7, 2016, http://www.thenews.pl/1/10/Artykul/256066,Polish-journalist-Wildstein-lashes-out-at-Anne-Applebaum. Tyrmand’s Facebook post, “Protest Sikorski Spreading Lies About Poland,” is at https://www.facebook.com/events/863211097123253/.

(30) One recent example: “Radosław Sikorski: Polska jest w UE przykładem pieniactwa i prowincjonalizmu” (“Poland is in the European Union an example of petty rowdyism and provincialism”), Rzeczpospolita online, May 10,2 017, http://www.rp.pl/Rzecz-o-polityce/305099890-Radoslaw-Sikorski-Polska-jest-w-UE-przykladem-pieniactwa-i-prowincjonalizmu.html#ap-1.

(31) Facsimile of the letter is reproduced in a Twitter post of Polish journalist and television presenter Michael Rachon, July 22, 2017, https://twitter.com/michalrachon/status/888810397784043520/photo/1?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw&ref_url=http%3A%2F%2Fniezalezna.pl%2F102746-szok-schnepf-rozsyla-w-usa-list-tresc-powinien-przeczytac-prokurator-obrzydliwy-bluzg-na-pols.

(32) “Burza wokół polskiego ambasadora w USA. Ryszard Schnepf odpowiada na zarzuty: to kampania oszczerstw” (“A storm around the Polish ambassador in the U.S. Richard Schnepf responds to charges: ‘It’s a campaign of slander’”), Wiadomosci WP, April 3, 2016, https://wiadomosci.wp.pl/burza-wokol-polskiego-ambasadora-w-usa-ryszard-schnepf-odpowiada-na-zarzuty-to-kampania-oszczerstw-6027389600199809a.

Max Denken is a naturalized American born in Poland to barely-survived survivors of the twin Holocausts: the Jewish and the Polish. He has an academic background (and degrees) in political science, economics, mass media, and fine arts. A longtime concerned citizen, he began writing for samizdat media in 2007. Prior to that, Mr. Denken had a long career in international film and television. He has lived or commuted to work in 26 countries, including two decades in Japan.

All rights reserved, copyright Max Denken

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