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Plan White, Again

A Deconstruction of The New World Order’s Assault on Poland, 2015 /2016


Max Denken

Germany’s code name for the strategic plan of its September 1, 1939 invasion of Poland was Fall Weiss—“Plan White.” The plan envisioned a three-month long campaign, with a three-pronged envelopment converging on Warsaw, where the encirclement and destruction of the Polish Army would ensue. The Soviet Army’s attack from the east, just 15 days after the Germans invaded from the west and north, compacted the whole enterprise to five weeks; by 6 October Poland had been conquered, though it would never surrender.

With Poland now the heavier anchor of the Visegrad Group’s anti-Islamization, anti-barbarization, anti-cultural dispossession, “refugees”-refusing European resistance camp, a new multi-front war has been launched upon it, led, again, by Germany. As this time around, per Karl Marx’s clever observation, history has returned as farce, the European Union is the senior partner in the German Axis, with Francois Hollande’s France closing up the rear.

Besides Poland, the Visegrad Group (V-4), comprises an exemplary force in Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia. Moreover, a movement is afoot to unite in this resistance all countries whose peoples’ brains, collectively and severally, were miraculously saved from the horrible virus that has been ravaging the ruling classes and half the population of Western Europe and the white Anglophony since the 1950s. Ironically, the healthy populations whose survival instinct, peoplehood and love of ancestral country and culture have not been extinguished, were protected from the Western virus by the onerous Iron Curtain.

Poland is in the cross-hairs of the West’s “progressive” ruling classes more than any other defiant country. There are some historical, geostrategic, even psychological reasons, but we won’t get into that here. Let is suffice that when the Law and Justice party (PiS) won a landslide election in October 2015 and replaced the Civic Platform (PO) party with an unprecedented absolute majority in the Polish parliament, a tectonic shift took place. Such real change is inherently impossible in countries like the United States or United Kingdom, where Tweedledee may replace Tweedledum at the seat of government but the people still end up with egg on their face. They can only parse a concept like Bushbama to compare the magnitude of their destruction under a Bush or Obama, or Blair-Cameron in the U.K., and so on with this single Western regime sporting different shades of lipstick.

PiS is a conservative, traditionalist, nationalist, Euro-sceptic party. PO is a Christian-Democrat, pro-“European,” “centrist” party of the same ilk as the governing party that’s undoing Germany under Angela Merkel, or the one that was undoing France under Jacques Chirac and Nicolas Sarkozy. Those parties are what passes for “center-right” in Europe, but they are “center,” let alone “right,” only because the much-cleverer Left has moved the goal posts, unopposed, so far to the left that the center is where the left corner used to be.

PiS is multiculti postmodern Europe’s demon from hell: a basso profundo Commendatore risen from the netherworld to drag the libertine Don Juan from the easy life, the alternative values system, the golden trough, the dames, the Daimlers and the Davos swells– down to eternal hell. PiS is the stone figure of a father thought stabbed, dead and buried, but come back to life to reclaim honor, to assert still-living tradition, to place man and woman where they belong, to restore the social order and channel God’s wrath. It could have been Front National in France or one of the smaller parties in a smaller country, but fate has decreed that Poland lead. And PiS is quite to the right — the Christian right– of Front National, too.


Under PO, Poland had busted from within the V-4 group that had opposed, along with Romania, the German-EU manic push to spread Germany’s suicide-by-“refugees” among the rest of European Union’s members. It caved in to Mama Merkel’s, Jean-Claude Juncker’s and Martin Schultz’s inveigling and committed to accept 11,946 “refugees” of the 160,000 that the European Commission shoved down the throat of its member states, willing or unwilling. That left Poland’s smaller V-4 partners exposed and vulnerable.

PiS campaigned on the promise to scuttle that sovereignty-crushing deal in order to preserve Poland’s cultural unity, social capital and physical safety. That is why, when PiS won in October, assorted German politicians, chief Eurocrats, UN meddlers, postmodern European bishops, the West’s bien pensants and the fearsome mass media blitzkrieg columns unleashed another “White Plan” multi-pronged attack on the key country standing athwart their scheme to fuse Europe with the Third World, to crush ornery Christian nationalists under the more congenial sandals of the imported followers of Allah and, generally, to implement the secular-humanist Second Coming and Paradise-on-Earth-ever-after.

Just to go through and analyze all the public invective and threats and hypocritical calls to “solidarity” that, since October 2015, the ruling nomenklatura of Germany, France, the European Commission, UN apparatchiks, Soros servants and many other official agents of the New World Order (NWO) have been hurling at Poland, would take a book – and that before examining the same warfare campaign against Hungary that had been waged by the same agents of entropy since the Fidesz government took power in Hungary in 2010. Nor is it possible, short of a thick tome, to peruse the even-thicker dossier of preposterous pap poured out liberally by the West’s mass media: the heavy panzer column in this neue Plan White. We will serve here just an appetizer, to get the flavor of the thing, before moving on to the events du jour.

The dark waves from the west started pounding as soon as the Visegrad 4 group released a joint statement on September 4, 2015 in Prague, affirming that all four countries would oppose the European Commission’s plan of compulsory redistribution of Mama Merkel’s “refugees” across the European Union. On the same day, Great Britain’s BBC obliged with the headline: “Hungary PM Viktor Orban: Antagonising Europe since 2010.”

“What we’re seeing,” said Martin Schulz, a German, erstwhile leader of the ‘Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats’ in the European Parliament and now its President, “is egoism instead of common European sense.” Interviewed in the ZDF evening magazine Frontal21 on 8 September, Schultz launched a tirade about “Europe of the ultra-nationalists” and hinted darkly that in order to retain the “European Community Spirt” (Europa des Gemeinschaftsgeistes), it’s necessary, sometimes, to go to war (1).

A few days later in September, ZDF television-–again– published a report via its Warsaw correspondent, Armin Coerper, under the title Polen und die Flüchtlingskrise Solidarność – in Warschau ein Fremdwort (“Poland and the refugee crisis; Solidarity – in Warsaw a foreign word.”) Mr. Coerper — a pretty metrosexual of the sort that 70 years of peace, prosperity and brain atrophy have produced all over the western West — could hardly contain his contempt for Polish intransigence relative to European Union’s diktats for accepting refugee quotas. Finding some redeeming value only in Poland’s (few) “progressive” voices, Mr. Coerper highlighted how many benefits Poland had derived from “European solidarity,” i.e. European Union subsidies, but refrained from mentioning where that European solidarity was when his own country attacked Poland 76 years earlier and held it under a genocidal occupation for six years.

The results of the October 25 elections in Poland threw German media into a panicked hostility. “Sound the alarm” (ARD-TV), “a blow and an alarm signal” and “black day for Angela Merkel” (Mittelbayerische Zeitung), “unpleasant surprise for all who want a better integrated Europe” (Handelsblatt). ARD further opined that Law and Justice party chairman Jaroslaw Kaczyński “consciously played the hate-card, inciting against Muslim refugees with words that would shock even [German anti-Islamization organizations] Pegida and AfD.” But the worst, much repeated, was the fear of Poland ”going Hungarian.” “Wir haben ein ‘Budapest in Warschau” (We have a ‘Budapest in Warsaw’) was the title of one ARD-TV report. And ARD’s pundit Robin Lautenbach asked, rhetorically, “Will another Eastern European country succumb to Orbanism”?

Again, the international zombie phalanx sprang to action. Anticipating Poland’s renewal of objection to “refugees” quotas, Dutch Finance Minister and Eurogroup Chief Jeroen Dijsselbloem told Dutch periodical Libelle Nieuwscafé that this attitude by countries that receive billions in EU subsidies, such as Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary, calls for redirection of “some” EU funds from them to Turkey, to provide for “asylum seekers.”

“Poland’s disturbing tilt to the right” opined Washington Post in an editorial page headline on Nov. 29. Per the WaPo, the leader of the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party, Jaroslaw Kaczyński, “rivals Donald Trump in his use of lies to stoke public fear of Muslims.” With Donald Trump being the Prog-Zombies piñata-from-hell, that analogy was meant as the killer spike for Kaczyński. And how does Mr. Kaczyński “lie,” per the Washington Post? By saying that immigrants have imposed sharia in Sweden—which they have, in 55 no-go zones where Swedish police itself says Swedish law no longer applies. Retractions of such libelous stupidities are never offered by the Left’s agitprop organs, even after UK’s Express published a detailed story on 4 February 2016, under the title, “Swedish police being ATTACKED as they struggle in ‘NO GO ZONES’ as migrant crime rockets.”

Another Kaczyński “lie,” alleged the Washington Post, is that he said (truthfully) that the refugees might cause epidemics because of the various infectious agents in their bodies –- never mind that the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control said the same, alarmingly, in a 10 November 2015 report, and three weeks later Danish authorities’ issued a warning to hospitals about the possibility of outbreak of diphtheria, tuberculosis and malaria contracted from “refugees.”

In December, The Economist chimed in with the headline: “Europe’s new headache; The new government in Poland has made an awful start.” Again, a litany of what passes for horrors in the zombie’s alternative reality: The ruling party, PiS, opposes gay rights, and its leader, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, “warns that Muslim migrants ‘carry diseases’.” Worst of all, the new political order in Poland “will cripple the EU on critical issues, particularly the refugee crisis.” The Economist iterated here how the initial dirty deal was closed despite the opposition of the Visegrad group, only because Poland broke ranks. But now, with Poland back in lockstep with the other V-4 dissenters, “the whole block,” moaned The Economist, “becomes an illiberal bulwark, Europe’s east-west divide will become a chasm.”

“That way lies madness,” summed up the obligatory magazine for the middle echelons of the New World Order (2).

The attacks continue, still attempting to delegitimize the PiS government and nullify the will of the Polish people that elected it. This in spite of the PiS government’s admission that under the EU treaties and regulations to which Poland is signatory it is compelled to honor the obligations of the former government, though no such “refugees”-related schemes will be accepted in the future (3).

We will examine in detail here and deconstruct just the three major verbal assaults that took place in a single week of February 2016, and not from the Eurocrats who regularly hurl dark loads at their noncompliant neighbor across the Oder-Neisse rivers, but from a wider spectrum. Even those alone suffice to limn an astonishing pattern of psychosis, denial, lack of introspection, brainwashed groupthink and self-sabotage that lead to attacks on “the other” – the unhip, uncool, unprogressive Central Europeans – instead of reexamination and salutary correction of own disastrous dysfunctions.

(1) Incredible though it may sound, that is what Schultz said. The video of his statement is at http://www.zdf.de/ZDFmediathek/beitrag/video/2486318/Fluechtlinge-Europa-vor-der-Zerreissprobe#/beitrag/video/2486318/Fluechtlinge-Europa-vor-der-Zerreissprobe
(2) “Europe’s New Headache”, The Economist, December 5, 2015, http://www.economist.com/news/leaders/21679470-new-government-poland-has-made-awful-start-europes-new-headache
(3) After the March 22, 2016 Brussels massacre (32 dead, 300+ wounded) by six “Belgian” and “refugee-Belgian” jihadis – all of them Muslim Arabs of Moroccan origin – spokesmen of the Polish government withdrew that commitment, at least to their domestic audience, saying that jihadi events that are becoming common place in Western Europe are something that Poland cannot tolerate.

An earlier draft of this Introduction, followed by the first chapter of Max Denken’s book-in-progress, Plan White, Again, may be found at
the Sydney Traditionalist Forum website, https://sydneytrads.com/2016/03/12/max-denken.

Copyright © 2016 by Max Denken
Excerpt from Plan White, Redux, by permission of the author.

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